His Masturbation Is Ruining Our Relationship!

Posted by: Hall
I've been in a relationship for 2 years now. I found out my guy masturbates 3 times a day. he lied about it the first year and finally he admitted it. He says he's been doing it for over 30 years.Why would he feel the need to masturbate when he has a woman that loves having sex, would give it to him as many times as he wanted. I love sex myself but masturbation to me is so empty, no phyical contact and an empty cum. please guys tell me whats up with this. I feel I'm not good enough, my self esteem is gone. I get angry when I found he has masturbated in the car or bathroom.
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Why Is There Almost No HIV-AIDS In Japan?

Total cases in twenty years amount to only 7,500 or 375 a year.

  • The Japanese are the number one sex tourists to Thailand (Source: TAT - Tourist Authority of Thailand).
  • The Japanese are the largest overseas tourists visiting Nevada Brothels and even have regular bus trips to them (Sourse: Penthouse Magazine)
  • The Japanese travel MORE then almost any other nation.
  • The Japanese have a past culture that accepted homosexuality (even Samari 'swung' both ways) and have a larger than average gay community.
  • Japan has a booming sex trade (estimated at $13 billion annually (Source: - 17/03/03 -- San Francisco Chronicle)
  • Numerous surveys demonstrate that 'most men and women in their 20s do not use condoms'. (Source: 17/03/03 -- San Francisco Chronicle)
  • The Japanese are only different from other Asian cultures in that they have NO real poverty.
    Have you considered that poverty NOT sex is the real cause of immune suppression?

    NOTE: - By comparison, Cambodia, whose population is less than a tenth of Japan's, had 170,000 people living with HIV or AIDS, according to United Nations estimates. SOURCE. Reuters 19 Sept 2003 (http://www.alertnet.org/thenews/newsdesk/T130295.htm).* 'Living with HIV/AIDS' simply means that they meet the WHO/CDC Bengui definition which also fits EVERY epidemic disease in poor countries.

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