Cheating On My Unattracted Wife

I can't seem to sexually perform with my wife anymore. Her physical deterioration, the impact this is having on our sex life, I can't get ready for love making. I've been having an affair for 8 years and can be ready to perform every time she walks in the room. What will help me with this inhibited male dysfunction problem and want to perform with my wife again?
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He Doesn't Fancy Me For Intimate Love

I really would be grateful if there was anyone out there who could give me some advice. My husband says it's not just that he doesn't fancy me anymore for intimate love activity, he doesn't fancy anyone (!) so I suspected he could do with some libido lifting supplements (zinc etc) for more drive, desire and confidence in himself. I bought him some, but he won't take them. Also he won't go to his doctor about his lack of desire for making love either.
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