What Are Penis Cancer Risks Factors?

Penis Cancer: The Cancer that No One Wants to Talk About
A verdict was finally announced in the trial of the doctor who removed a Kentucky man’s penis during a routine circumcision and many are left wondering just how common penis cancer is and what kind of screening is available so that they do not have to worry about finding themselves in a similar situation.

When Phillip Seaton checked in for a routine circumcision to relieve swelling neither he nor his doctor could have imagined that a cancer diagnosis penis amputation and a full blown media circus were in their future. While many can sympathize with the trauma of waking up to find an intimate part of your anatomy missing it might be that impromptu surgery that saved Phillip Seaton’s life. Perhaps the biggest question is why wasn’t this cancer diagnosed sooner?

Though rare in the U.S. the American Cancer Society estimates that 320 men will die this year from penis carcinoma and another 1,360 cases will be diagnosed. Doctors often times find treating this type of cancer difficult as in about half of the cases treatment is delayed due reluctance, whether out of fear or embarrassment, to consult with a doctor. This delay can allow localized cancer to spread and ultimately lead to partial or complete amputation.

Every cancer has its own unique set of risk factors and penis cancer is no exception. While these risk factors make a man more likely to develop penile cancer it can also appear in someone with no risk factors at all.
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And so we come to the end

Dear readers, after three years roaming the hallowed halls of 720 California, Potty Blogger is clocking out and moving on to a new place of employment.

It has been a privilege to serve you during this time.

This blog has pointed out the obvious, introduced new vocabulary, helped reduced the volume of stall emailing, and even inspired pilgrims to make the journey to our fair headquarters.

But most of all, it has been about community. The common bond that occurs when a group of people see something mysterious in a men’s room and think, “Is a human being really responsible for that?”

Did we accomplish everything we hoped? No. There is still no bidet on the fourth floor. And we never did get a toilet with the incredible sucking power of this little baby. But I like to think that together, we made beautiful music together.

I bid you farewell. The whole blog is yours to continue to explore and enjoy, but here are some of my favorites posts from the past three years.

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Executive hands, rejoice!

Luxury has arrived at 720 California and of course its first stop is Fourth Floor Men’s Room.

When you think about it, it’s kind of amazing that the baby-like skin of executive hands was ever subjected to the coarse and clumsy paper towel. But now that has been remedied once and for all with the installation of the Dyson Airblade.

Plan a field trip to fourth floor. Snap a picture of the amazing technology. But don’t linger too long--important hands need dryin’.