Scrotal Hernia Impact On Dimished Abilities

Sometimes people will try to ignore the symptoms -- discomfort, a lump appearing on their abdomen, even pain. Left untreated, hernias can become serious and even fatal conditions.

A study showed that scrotal hernia repair caused a impact on sexual function after surgery. There was no case of surgery-related erectile dysfunction. Therefore, one of the major indications to repair large scrotal hernias may be to improve the quality of sexual life.
Read about this young man's dimished sexual abilities that has impacted his life.

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Poll Results: Does Vasectomy Affect Performance Abilities?

Mine was had in 1983 and had no trouble. I waited a day for the swelling to subside and guess what? No problems and no complaints and no more children which made both my wife and me happy. One caution, there are studies that show men who have had vasectomies.. are prone to a rare form of dementia....

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