Male Infertility - Risk Factors, Causes & Treatments

A guide to Male Infertility, problems, possible solutions etc.

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When people think about fertility problems, they tend to think about women`s issues. However, infertility is not uncommon in men but happily, there tends to be simple ways to overcome most of the causes. Statistics suggest that out of all the couples who have unprotected intercourse over the period of a year, around 15 percent will not get pregnant. Of this group, male infertility accounts for around 20 percent of not conceiving. Many well known individuals and celebrities are among this group, including the chef Gordon Ramsay, so it`s fair to say that it can affect even the toughest of men!
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Is Your Relationship Suffering In The Bedroom?

For many couples across the UK relationship problems start in the bedroom. Sexual problems between partners can happen at any point in their relationship, especially when one or both of you are stressed or at a time of change. Essentially sex is one of the great rewards of being together, and forms an important part of a relationship. It is, for many, the difference between friendship and a relationship.
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Is Hypnotherapy The Answer To Male Sexual Issues?

Sexual Issues – Is hypnotherapy the answer?

Most men will face some form of sexual issue at some point in his life. Sexual difficulties can happen at an early age, after regular sexual satisfaction or develop gradually over time. Sometimes these problems quickly solve themselves, but on other occasions professional help may be needed. It may seem daunting but it is important to rule out any underlying illness so make a trip to the GP straight away if you are suffering any form of sexual difficulty.

Sexual difficulties or issues are normally classed as problems that prevent an individual or couple from having and enjoying sex. For men the most common problems are erectile impotence and premature ejaculation.
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When A Man Can't Sleep

Why Can't I Sleep?

That depends on a variety of factors really.  Stress is a leading cause of sleepless nights, whether it's  from stress at work, finances, relationships or other issues in your life.  Lifestyle is another reason why men have problems sleeping.  Shift work can take a toll on your body, especially if it your shift work changes from day to night on a regular basis and doesn't give your body time to adjust.  Maybe you work in a loud environment and your brain is still stimulated when you try to sleep.  Diets also play an issue in sleeplessness.  Drinking caffeine, in soda or coffee for example, and even in tea, shortly before bed is not a good idea.  Finally, some guys are genetically more prone to sleeplessness than others.

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