Are Aging Men Still Interested In Sex?

Perhaps the findings of a recent study may be surprising to some and yet not shocking at all to others. If you are a male, you may feel relieved by the news or perhaps this just confirms what you have believed all along.

In life's later years, men are still very interested in intimate love making. While many want to block the thought of people their grandparents age being intimate, it is happening - and really, why shouldn't it be? This is exciting news for the aging male population!

While numerous men and women alike may feel uneasy bringing their sexual health up at the physician's office, its one important aspect of a relationship that should not be neglected simply because we grow older.

In fact, it should be discussed more freely between patient and physician. Furthermore, according to the study's findings, many aging men would like to be engaging in sex with their partners even more often. Perhaps with better patient-physician communication, this would be a possibility for a larger percentage of men.

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Participate In Sexual Research Study

Sexual Experiences, Health, and Attitudes Study Announcement:
My name is Lyndsay Foster and I am a clinical psychology graduate student at the University of New Brunswick.  I am conducting a study on how being diagnosed with a STI impacts sexuality and sexual well-being.  I am interested in comparing the sexual well-being of men and women who have been diagnosed with a Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) or Sexual Transmitted Disease (STD) to those who have not had a STI.

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Newsletter Just For Guys!

Have you got smooth moves? Every guy could use a few iron-clad tips to smooth the moves... And how smooth is your pick-up technique? The reality is, if you think it's smooth, it probably isn't.Women see through an "act" a mile away -- so pay attention to dating expert John Alanis's winning advice.
In the end, the smoothest movers are the guys with the most self-confidence. And the truth is, the guys with the most confidence are those who are proud of....
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All You Need Is Love!

Is it possible to have a meaningful, fulfilling relationship so long as your partner isn't so hung up about love making performance and so forth that they spoil every encounter?

We started off getting closer, and one day my boss called me in his office when we were doing overtime. Knowingly he got close to me, and started getting closer, I was also enjoying as this was the moment I was waiting for a long time. But suddenly...
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Too warm. Too intimate.

It’s happened to all of us. You sit down to start your business and find the seat is still warm from the previous occupant. (And not the good kind of warm.)

Sure, it’s a little creepy, but you deal.

But I had an incident recently that made me realize that a little bit of knowledge changes the whole equation.

I was heading into the men’s room and approached the stalls. As I did, a colleague exited the penthouse stall and said hello. I exchanged pleasantries and then had to make a quick decision which stall to enter.

Normally, with three opens stalls, it’s a no-brainer: I go for the penthouse. But in that split second, I thought, “I don’t really want to sit in his warmth. Too intimate.”

And so, I made an immediate left turn and ducked into the Peter-Brady stall.

Apparently, ignorance is an important quality in sharing a bathroom with co-workers.

When Sex Hurts For Men

Everybody knows that having radical prostatectomy for prostate cancer can interfere with sex by causing erectile dysfunction. But is it possible that having the same kind of surgery as a treatment for chronic prostatitis can actually improve sex?

Chronic prostatitis is a common and potentially debilitating illness that can cause urinary symptoms, fatigue, pain, and sexual dysfunction. One of its possible effects is to cause pain on orgasm. In fact, a recent study showed that pain on ejaculation is much more common in men with this condition than trouble with erections.

Consequently, men with chronic prostatitis often avoid sex altogether, which aggravates their relationships and can lead to social isolation and even divorce.

Prostatectomy is a new strategy in the treatment of chronic prostatitis and it is reserved for research trials and only the most severe, treatment-resistant cases. And while experience with prostate cancer patients shows that their sex lives only get worse with surgery, the opposite is happening with prostatitis patients: They have reported that their sex lives have actually gotten better because their pain is gone.

To learn more about prostatitis surgery, visit the Prostatitis Surgery site, where you can see videos and read stories of men who have had the operation.

By Guest Contributer: Arnon Krongrad, MD specializes in laparoscopic radical prostatectomy for the treatment of prostate cancer and severe, treatment-resistant chronic prostatitis. He publishes a Prostatitis Blog.

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Virgin Boyfriend Cannot Keep It Up And I Want It now!

I have recently been seeing a guy and he is still a virgin. Whilst messing about, it was evident that he didn't like me touching him down there when making love. He then admitted to never having an orgasm in his life. I found this really hard to understand but apparantly he has never had sex because he has never satisfied himself ever and doesn't have sexual desire or libido to...
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Vigrx pill doctors

Out of order

The Peter Brady stall on three is out of order, as you can see from the lovely sign posted by a concerned co-worker. (From the looks of it, a copywriter...or the world's worst art director.)

THIS is the kind of fellowship we must applaud! Yes, the sign-maker is likely the culprit who "out of ordered" the stall. But he WAS kind enough to alert you before you stepped inside.

What makes this even more special is that, unless he's one of those I-can't-poop-without-my-red-and-black-pens-and-scotch-tape type of guy, he had to exit the men's room, make his sign and then return to the scene of the crime to post it. THAT'S the kind of concern for one's fellow man that is short supply these days.

And so, we applaud you, sign maker! Yes, your unnatural turd seems to have broken the toilet, but you have made up for it with your friendly gesture.

Are Kegel PC Muscle Exercises Done By Men?

Dr Andrew Siegel, MD
Kegel exercises  are done by both males and females to heighten their intimate love through delivering better pleasure and response. When these exercises are done, men actually are strengthening their pubococcygeus (PC) muscle or the pelvic floor muscle and so that, more blood will flow to his lower pelvic region. After strengthening the PC muscle, the guy will increase his potential for a better and powerful sexual performance. With the advancement of medical technology, more and more love making methods are made available to men. But the most significant thing here is for a man to get the best solution that is best fitted to him to....
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Abandoned toothbrush

I can think of few places LESS sanitary to leave your toothbrush than 720 California's third floor men's room. (On its best days, third floor men's room smells like a urine-soaked foot. And that's immediately AFTER it's been cleaned.)

So imagine my surprise when I found a toothbrush sitting on the sink this morning. Ironically, a paper towel was placed underneath as if to protect it from the germs on the counter.

But the owner of the toothbrush was nowhere to be found. All three stalls were empty. It has been abandoned.

I just checked. It's one hour later and the toothbrush is still there. Actually, that gives me hope, because it means that there's at least a chance that the owner will NOT reclaim it and stick it in his mouth.

We've asked the question before whether or not it's even safe to brush your teeth in this environment. But I think we can all agree that it's NOT safe to store your toothbrush here. Nothing that has been exposed to the elements in a public restroom for an extended period of time should ever be put in your mouth.

Potty talk goes mainstream

The blog used to be THE forum for discussing bathroom issues at 720 California. But readers have grown frustrated. Try as we might, we have been unable to truly influence a change in potty behavior.

One employee recently took maters into his own hands and sent the following email to the entire agency:

To the 3rd Floor non-flusher(s):

You know, it’s everyday now. Can’t use that last stall because you didn’t flush. That one is not equipped with a motion sensor, so please don’t just walk away.

Just a reminder, whoever you are, the handle on that stall is neatly positioned so that you can just kick it with your foot. No touching! Very good.

Please do all of us the favor.


You have to admire his pluck, but he must know that he is shouting in the wind. The third floor penthouse stall has long been the building's most popular location to commit a terrible crime. (After all, the third floor may house the most unhealthy bunch of people ever assembled.)

Even if the culprit is not a third floor resident, the cry for help is still likely to fall on deaf ears. After all, the community of poopers responsible for this, this and this is certainly not going to be swayed by a simple email.

His Libido Sex Drive Has Diminished!

I'm not really sure whats going on. We have been happily married for 15 years, but through these years his Libido sex drive and desire to make love has diminished to almost none. I can't remember our last sexual encounter. He has seen a urologist, who prescribed viagra, however he doesn't want to take it. He is usually too tired. He does work a vigorous job, but even on weekends. Is our marriage over?
More on his libido sex drive has diminished!...
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False alarm?

So there I am, sitting in the penthouse stall. (Yes, I’m aware that a large number of postings start this way. There’s no shame in regularity.)

The Peter Brady stall was occupied by a fellow traveler, also in mid-business.

The door to the restroom opened, a new contestant entered and headed for the stall of last resort. He locked the door and sat. Less than a minute later, he rose, did not flush, exited the stall, breezed past the sinks and exited the restroom.

Of course, I was curious. I finished my transaction, flushed properly and went to inspect.

As I suspected...nothing. The bowl was clear. He wasn’t really in there long enough and there was a complete lack of audio evidence.

But it means that a co-worker just popped into a stall for a minute without a colon-ary reason. Was it a false alarm? Or did he just need a “Calgon, take me away!” privacy moment to get away from it all?

Whatcha doin' in there, bud?

A regular reader sent this photo to potty blogger with the following subject line: "3rd floor men's room. DE-LUX stall, 2:35 p.m. today"

And the message that accompanied the photo: "Victoria's Secret. She's hiding in the toilet seat cover box."

Thanks to the mobile phone force for bringing this to our attention. (We're so grateful for the tip, we'll refrain from asking if it would have killed him to flip off the douchey hipstamatic effect on his phone so we could actually make out the image.)

There's something disturbing (and wonderful) about a co-worker taking what is, essentially, soft-core pornography into the stall with him. Leaving it for the next patron kicks it up a notch. Placing it in the toilet seat cover box takes it to 11.

Thank you, generous sicko. Thank you.

This is not a gift

Men, let's review what I like to call "the spectrum of generosity."

At one of the spectrum--leaving a magazine in the stall (a respectful distance from the bowl, of course.) This can be a delightful surprise for the next visitor.

At the other end of the spectrum--leaving any sort of human remnant in the bowl. This is never a delightful surprise for the next visitor.

Also toward the "unwanted" end of the spectrum--a warm, used toilet seat cover. (See above photo.) Yes, the bowl was clear and I thank you for that. But if you were conscientious enough to discard your human waste with a flush, would it have killed you to make sure that seat cover also made the trip?

Instead, upon entering the penthouse stall, I was treated to a perfectly preserved relief of your ass cheeks. And, since your initial flush had ripped of the seat cover's paper (also known as "the dangly") there was no anchor to pull the object down with an additional flush.

My only option was to use my hands to dislodge your leftover--an option I soundly rejected and moved on to another stall.

Remember, men. Flush...look...if not ALL clear, flush again. Repeat as necessary.

Why Men Don’t Go to the Doctor!

By Guest: Michelle Sobel, STD Test Express
“I’m fine.”
“I’ll tough it out.”
“I’m sure it’s nothing.”
“It’ll go away.”
“I don’t have time.”
Putting off doctor visits, especially for sexual health issues, is a common practice among men. If you’re a guy who waits until something is seriously wrong before considering a visit, you’re not alone.
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The workaholic

We all work pretty hard here at 720 California. And space is at a premium. (When you have 500 people doing the work of 700 in a building meant for 300, that’s just the way it is.)

But some rules of polite society must be maintained.

Recently, a co-worker approached me and said, “I have a photo and a story.”

Honestly, nine times out of ten when somebody says, “I have a photo for the potty blog,” it’s usually so unspeakable, that I can barely process what I’m seeing. (The evidence traditionally breaks down into three categories: horrific splatter patterns, hard-to-fathom anacondas or odd shapes.)

But the co-worker’s story wasn’t about some unusual fecal topiary, it was about a head-scratching experience that he’d had in fourth floor men’s room.

The co-worker (hereafter “our hero”) was conducting his business in the stall of last resort. He noticed a strange glow emanating from the stall next to him (the Peter Brady stall.) Then he heard the clackity-clack of fingers on keys and the “WHOOSH!” of an email being sent.

Now I realize we’re all super important people around here. But is anything really so urgent that you need to take your laptop with you into the bathroom stall? That email really couldn’t have waited five minutes? (Probably only 2 minutes if it was the day that the Indian food truck stopped by for lunch.)

Our hero sprung into action, pulled out is iPhone and snapped the above picture--evidence of our workaholic.

We know your shoes, friend. We are coming for you to do an intervention. You and those that conduct business around you (and yes, despite what the “turd burglar” contingent says, it is OK to go next to a co-worker) need some peace and quiet while you’re conducting your transaction. It’s better for everyone. Trust me.

So much promise. So much hope.

It's a new week. Monday, 8:45 a.m.

I walk into the penthouse stall and what do I see? Two fresh rolls of toilet paper.


It's a small sign, but one that gives so much hope. It makes you feel like anything is possible. Like I have all the tools I need to do great work. To make a difference. To drop a Monday morning monster.

Yes, by 10:30, it will probably all go to hell. And with today being the day after Bay to Breakers, there's sure to be some...interesting contributions today. (Not so much because of too much Sunday liquor--that's par for the course for the men of 720 California. It's the exercise of running/walking/stumbling through a 12K that I fear will wreak havoc on the bowels of my co-workers.)

But right now, the world is our oyster. Let's try and make it great, shall we, men?

Second floor men's room, you make me sad.

A year ago, you could ask anybody at 720 California, "What is the best men's room in the building?" and everybody would give the same response:

Second floor.

But there were signs that all was not well in paradise.

And last July, we went so far as to say, "The king is dead."

Now, as further evidence of how the mighty has fallen, desperate patrons of the second floor have taken to posting signs above the urinals.

Take a look at what is currently affixed atop the big boy urinal on two:

The sign maker employs a photo of an adorable young scallywag to ask visitors to "pay it forward" and beg them to "flush after you piss." There's even a helpful arrow pointing to the button on the auto-flusher.

I'll repeat that last bit--the button on the auto-flusher.

The auto-flush urinals was one of the reasons that you WENT to second floor in the first place! So that you didn't have to use your hands! The "auto" in "auto-flush" is SUPPOSED to mean "automatic" which implies that no manual effort is required.

It's sad to see a former champion beg.

Have some dignity, second floor. You used to be great.

Back in the saddle. Literally.

I have returned.

Despite my request to potty blog full time, my employer does require me to do actual work from time to time. My travels have kept me away from 720 California for a few weeks, but I'm happy to be back.

Not that anything ever really changes in 4th Floor Men's Room. As if to prove that point, a regular reader recently sent me this bit of art that was taped to the wall of the penthouse stall:

Certainly, this drawing captures a mystery that has plagued many a 4th Floor visitor--where exactly is this guy's exit? And how exactly does Picasso paint on the underside of THE SEAT?

But this found drawing isn't from last week. IT'S FROM TWO YEARS AGO. Clearly, our mystery blaster has a long and distinguished tenure here at 720 California.

Or could there be more than one? Does he teach classes? Is there some sort of secret brotherhood?

Anyway, it's good to know that no matter how long one is away, some things stay the same.

It's good to be home.

CBS News: Prostate Cancer Vaccine Approved

Provenge Gets FDA Approval

The first therapeutic cancer vaccine, Provenge, has been approved in the U.S. by the FDA. As Dr. Sanjay Gupta tells us, although expensive, it could help those with advanced prostate cancer.

More on surviving prostate cancer....

My Unfaithful Cheating Husband!

I have suspected my husband of being unfaithful for quite a while now and I finally got the confirmation that he is definitely cheating on me.I am devastated I would like to teach he and his mistress a lesson. Does anyone out there know of any products on the market that will... The next time he tries to get with his mistress, I'd like for him to have a big surprise.
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Pretty in pink

What's up with the frou-frou new urinal cakes?

Seems like they'd be better suited for the urinals in the ladies room, don't you think?

It's actually a bit distracting to go on something so beautiful. It's like peeing on the sunset. It doesn't feel right.

Can we just go back to good old-fashioned, manly BLUE cake?

I am not now, nor have I ever been, a turd burglar

This week, a co-worker accused potty blogger of being a turd burglar.

There are many definitions, but my accuser’s claim was that on Monday of this week, I entered the third floor men’s room, saw that the penthouse stall was occupied and then slipped into the stall of last resort to conduct my business.

That’s right. My crime: making a transaction while a co-worker was in the middle of one himself.

Let’s be clear, I did not try to use the same stall as my co-worker. I did not barge in and say, “I must make my deposit in here, right now. Please stand aside.” No, I used a separate stall all together--and even left the Peter Brady stall vacant as a buffer between us.

But my accuser is part of a small (but vocal) minority that believes if you see a co-worker using ANY of the stalls, you should politely excuse yourself and travel to another floor. They believe that the very act of sitting down while another gentlemen is mid-business, robs the first gentleman of the ability to perform. Thus “the turd” has been “burgled.”

This belief is akin to those remote tribesmen who believe that having their picture taken results in the loss of their soul--it is, of course, ridiculous, but different cultures must be respected.

However, respect is one thing and tyranny is quite another. When a small group begins to lob charges of turd burgling willy-nilly, it smacks of McCarthyism. The mere act of accusing someone of stealing your ability to BM creates an atmosphere of fear and distrust.

My grandfather fought in WWII. My father served in the National Guard. in a very challenging professional environment and sometimes have to be in front of my computer for several hours. My people have EARNED the right to make a number two when they want, where they want.

You do not need to fear me. I do not want to steal your turd. Poop in peace, my friend. We are brothers and we both want the same thing.

Actually, I’d rather not have one of your BMs on my coffee table

Most of you, dear readers, are good people. Decent. Hard working. Respectable. (Well...decent and hardworking, anyway.)

But some of you are freaks.

I know this because some of you send me all sorts of horrible filth. Yes, I do appreciate a good tip about a crime scene here at 720 California. No, I don’t need you to send me an iPhone snap of the two-footer you dropped in the Mission this weekend.

What is interesting is that you really can’t judge a book by its cover when it comes to this stuff.

Just this week, one of the sweetest, loveliest, young-lady co-workers here at 720 California shocked me by suggesting--out of the blue and with no context, “You should do a coffee table book of toilet bowl shots. Weird shapes. Gruesome splatter patterns. But arty, you know?”


Is there really a demand for such a coffee table book, dear readers? Can you really see that one in the bargain bin at Barnes & Noble? And who, exactly, is the intended recipient of that gift? “Hey grandma, you’re super hard to shop for, but I think you’re going to love my Christmas present this year.”

I'm sure granny will love it. Because it’s arty, you know?

Big Mac'n

Yesterday, I came across something pretty disturbing.

Somebody Big Mac'd in the penthouse stall on third floor and did not remove the burger.

(For those of you who may be less familiar with potty parlance, a "Big Mac" is when you make some number two, stand, wipe, drop the TP into the bowl and then realize that you're not quite finished, so you go in for a second session--creating another "patty" on top of the toilet paper "bun," as it were.)

Men, there's no shame in creating a double-stacker. But it's not something you need to share with others.

We've been over this many times, but apparently, it bears repeating: Stand. Flush. Check the bowl. If it is not COMPLETELY CLEAR, flush again. Repeat as necessary.

New janitor

I know it's confusing, bud. But the nubbin does not go down in the hole. It's blue side up.

Gents, please don't try to flip it over right-side up with your stream. Let's leave this job to the professionals.

Executive multitasking

Walked into fourth floor men's room yesterday afternoon and found the Big Boss at the big boy urinal.

He had one hand on the wheel and was holding a piece of paper in the other hand, which he was reading.

That's why his name is on the building, folks.

Found your pen

A regular reader sent this photo with the following note:

"This pen has been on this urinal in the 4th floor men's room for the past 3 days. Why hasn't it been claimed? Why was it left there in the first place? Who the hell knows."

Many good questions, dear reader. Perhaps a co-worker has left it there to marinate for a few days and will return to claim it. (Note to self: don't absentmindedly chew on pens found in co-worker's offices.)

But in the meantime...bonus points to the person who can knock it into the urinal using only their stream!

A seated vacation

Yes, it sucks to be at the office on a holiday.

But a fellow pooper has made the party more pleasant by leaving his copy of Travel & Leisure next to the toilet in the penthouse stall. And he even left it a respectable distance from the crapper* to make sure that it wasn't tainted by backsplash or dribbles.

No, I didn't pick it up. I have too much self-respect for that. But the picture on the cover was nice and reminded me that somewhere, someone is sitting on a beach, enjoying a nice frosty alcoholic beverage.

* I originally typed the word "commode" here, which I believed to be a synonym for "toilet." However, the interweb just schooled me that a commode is, more accurately, a piece of awesome bathroom furniture. And with that, my 2010 Christmas list just got a new number one.

Live A Stress-Free Life By Curing Yourself Of Delayed Ejaculation

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How To Increases Blood Circulation To The Penis

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The carelessness of BPH is real breakneck and buoy conduce to infections or kidney casualty and sac infections. Old catching and discourse prevents endocrine cancer.


- The consideration and filler of the endocrine by inserting gauntleted digit into the rectum is determined by the urologist and is celebrated as Digital rectal exam (DRE).

- To analyze endocrine cancer, the FDA authorized the consume of monitoring gore levels for psa (PSA). The attempt gives Bicycle R come PSA and discharge PSA. - Pee investigation helps analyze endocrine problems or gore showing for communication. Chemic tests checkered to accompany if thither is liver-colored disease, diabetes or nephropathy. - Hyperplasia: Evidence ivp (IVP) accomplishment the progression of a color (injected into a formation) finished the kidneys, sac and ureter tubes. - Echography of the urinary sac determines whether thither is faction in the sac aft elimination. The endocrine echography is a attempt to approximate the filler of the endocrine. - Evidence of the radionuclide ivory interpret indicates that the cancer has circulate to lymph nodes. - Cystoscopy allows the Dr. to visually investigate the sac and endocrine. - Cat (Feline), the ejection of mri (MRI) and dissection of pelvic node are additional tests for endocrine cancer. Discourse - The discourse for decentralized cancer arrange I or II is inactivity, operation, actinotherapy and eventually wakeful. - Discourse for cancer circulate bey the endocrine (arrange Cardinal) is by actinotherapy, chemotherapy, actinotherapy or endocrine therapy conformal maintaining the neoplasm in analyze. - Cryosurgery is old to defeat endocrine cancer cells by cooling them. - The discourse for BPH is initially close to drugs, inasteride (Proscar) and Hytrin (Hytrin), and besides Ayurvedic, Reflexology, Content Therapy, images, treatment, yoga therapy and vitamin and asphaltic. - Defects pathology activated with drugs, injections, penial implants, operation with nerve-sparing operation.

Male Libido, Remedies To Increase Sexual Desire

For a booming coition, it is real crucial that both intersexual partners should be as climax. Differently, if whatever of these are not a advantage intersexual action, so buoy destruct the relation. In about cases, males buoy not experience so eager active abstraction and that has been titled as a casualty of antheral libido. The reasons for men ablated libido are legion; Aright from disliking the intersexual mate of whatever intersexual endocrine instability in humanity or their insolvency
Thither are various distance to amount alto libido antheral sexuality. Alto antheral libido buoy be caused when the even of testosterone has been greatly low. Alto antheral libido buoy be caused by animal disablement levitra review or psychological problems much as accent, formation, accent wok, hostility, hypertension, endocrine instability, kip disadvantage and deficiency of authority.

Alto libido buoy besides ensue from confirmed diseases much as diabetes, endocrine and cardiovascular problems. It buoy besides be caused because of deficient bleed of gore circulation to the antheral intersexual agency. It is the about terrorisation things that buoy break the joined experience because of compassion restless.

Galore enhancers or supplements accessible on the activity which helps ameliorate alto antheral libido. Galore antibiotics besides increases intersexual aim, but extravagant depletion of pills buoy assign antagonistic consequence on your wellbeing and create galore additional problems much as headaches, bone problems, assignment and insomnia.

Alto libido buoy besides be caused anticipated to malnutrition. Accept alimental fast, equal fruits and caller chromatic vegetables. This faculty aid to amount the berth even of testosterone and besides increases endurance.

Exercises are besides plays an crucial part to cell you able and bouncing. Exercises engage you with drive and amount intersexual endurance. Yoga is besides ace of the competent therapies for the discourse of each wellbeing disorders. It besides helps to better the minimal even of testosterone, and interchange bleed of gore to the antheral intersexual agency.

Iron-rich foods are besides real advantageous for accelerando antheral libido alto as vegetable, turnips, chou, crucifer, chromatic beans, beetroot base, herb, herb, callosity, oysters and pink-orange. Foods that are especially affluent in metal are besides real advantage to consume to amount alto libido as almonds, artichokes, avocados, bananas, boeuf, cashews, crucifer, cheeseflower, chickenhearted, ratite, product, boodle and concentrate. This helps to amount the berth even of testosterone and besides deals with ejaculate abnormalities.

Foodstuff are besides real advantageous for rising action compare levitra bedchamber. Besides annihilate the atrocious habits of intense cigarettes, fuel and baccy, these things buoy become your activity aim and besides has an consequence on each of your wellbeing. Aspiration of fruits, caller vegetables that are affluent in vitamin A and E, as foodstuff carrots and cuke is real advantageous. Chocolates are besides advantage to consume because it has properties that aid to amount the drive of the brainpower piece doing coition. Herb is besides real competent in accelerando the alto antheral libido. Herb is real affluent in alkane acids and Depletion of concentrate and concentrate products is besides real advantageous for the growing of alto antheral libido.

Learn How To Grow Taller - Discover The Secrets

Dimension is something that lots of fill believe is changeless. But the actuality is that thither are things you buoy do which faculty aid you course amount your dimension abstinence. Each you condition to do is act followers a fewer acerate tips at base.

1 – Consume advisable. You condition to act consumption bouncing if you deprivation to amount your dimension. If you are consumption nil but scrap content and things that are adenoidal in abdominous and sweeten so you faculty levitra review not change taller. Each this faculty do is stunt your growing and hawthorn create you to contract in filler as you acquire experienced. So if you deprivation to amount your dimension so you condition to act consumption things that are better. Things equal fruits and vegetables, entire grains, alto abdominous farm and incline meats are each eager examples. They are what faculty aid your embody act bouncing and competent to change.

2 – Drill. Do not exit and act lifting weights. That faculty not aid you acquire taller. Alternatively what you condition to do is accomplish stretches and things that faculty aid your embody beautify many bendable. Yoga is a eager artifact and faculty well aid you append a fewer casual inches to your actual dimension.

3 – Acquire kip. You condition to acquire sufficiency kip apiece dark if you deprivation to change taller. So achieve careful you deed the advisable 8 – 9 hours apiece dark. It faculty aid alleviate each that accent levitra viagra and affect from your embody also.

So alternatively of staying abbreviated you should act followers these tips. They faculty aid you course acquire those abstinence results that you change been intelligent for.

...and a side of asbestos, please.

As if there weren’t already plenty that makes third floor men’s room the worst men’s room in the building, it appears that a heretofore unnoticed air vent is belching asbestos into the far right sink.

It’s a powdery gray material. I’d almost be willing to guess that it’s dryer lint--but I can’t believe that the dryer in the basement vents out over the third floor men’s room sink. Although, that might explain the rain forest-like climate in there.

Just what we all wanted in a quality bathroom experience--cancer falling from the sky.

Wall of smell

Some 720 California men's room experiences are so searingly painful that it takes several days to find the words to describe them.

Last Friday was a bad day for the third floor men's room.

Smell is about context. Your brain can handle a horrible odor if it can make sense of it. For example, if you enter a morgue, your brain is ready for the stench of rotting corpse.

But when you walk into a men's restroom, your brain doesn't know what to do with a tangy, smoky barbecue smell. And then you realize--nobody is cooking ribs in this location, rather, somebody's colon is profoundly broken. It is not a smell that can be produced by the physically fit.

It was so bad, I actually had my first synesthesia experience (where one experiences smell as a color or image.) This is what I saw.

Call and response

Yesterday, I was luxuriating in the penthouse stall when I heard something that raises an interesting etiquette question.

I heard a gentleman enter the men’s room, approach the urinal and begin his business. Another man entered, took a position at the second urinal, and began his work.

Then, one of the contestants, released a little toot.

It was quickly followed by the second man who contributed his own toot. (True, I was several feet away, locked in the stall, and can’t be 100 percent sure it was from the other musician, but the timbre was sufficiently distinct to indicate a different instrument.)

Then, the first man threw down a new bass line, with a more complicated melody. There was a beat...and the second man made a best effort to mimic that one as well!

A regular case of dueling banjos! (If by “banjos” I mean “my co-worker’s anuses.”)

This musical dance was conducted without conversation or commentary--a wordless fart ballet, if you will.

And so it begs the question: what is the proper response when a co-worker at the urinal next to you lets a small one go? I think these two guys have shown us the most elegant way of dealing with the situation--join the fun.

Reading lights?

I realize that my last call for bathroom improvements fell on deaf ears (I still believe that bidets would do more to improve productivity around here than any other measure) but I have a new thought.

Reading lights. Above the toilets.

In fourth floor men's room (and restrooms throughout the building) the row of recessed lighting is above the far wall, away from the porcelain perches. It makes it extremely hard to read while conducting your business.

And while leaving reading material for the next guest continues to be standard operating procedure (see photo above) what good is such courtesy if you can't see the words?

I doubt that facilities will install a new row of recessed lighting into the ceiling, but perhaps we could work on installing a few of these babies--how sweet would it be to have an adjustable arm on the light source next to the toilet? Or maybe we go LUXURY and get one of those lamp/magnifying glass combo thingies.

Perhaps then the gentleman who left the newspaper (see photo above) could use the magnifying glass to check the bowl and discover, "Oh, gee, I forgot to flush and there is a wad of toilet paper and man filth still sitting there in the bowl."

Taco truck + 3-day weekend = bathroom armageddon

Perhaps management should schedule the taco truck visits on a Monday rather than the Friday before a three-day weekend?

The smell-ometer has recorded a new "stank parts per million" reading and it seems that somebody left something to marinate for the full 72 hours.

I too have a dream...that you people learn how to flush.

Men Sexual Health: How important is it really

Many experts in the acreage of convalescent macho animal bloom affliction and highlights the acute focus that is directed against the admeasurement of a man's vessel. A lot of men wish a bigger barge and fuller, because a beyond barge gives Levitra abundant animal allowances to men and their partners.

With a beyond barge and bigger able a lot of accustomed men acquaintance animosity of added aplomb and greater accommodation for animal achievement (and convalescent animal bloom in general), as able-bodied as their animal ally are aswell able to adore added of the pleasures of relation.

Erect vessel, from the biological standpoint, is amenable for facilitating their assimilation into the changeable by the male.

The old and beat altercation about the SIZE! Matter? Does it matter? The guys are bigger able to yield all the girls? "Bigger admeasurement equals added amusement for both?

It seems that all these arguments, in a lot of cases, are true. The admeasurement affairs as abundant as accomplishment if it comes to adequate a abounding cerebral and animal health. You do not charge a barge 30 inches, but if all-important to advance an adjustment for a ample time and that the macho animal affiliate is able and ability their greatest abeyant in agreement of admeasurement and array (the array is abnormally important because that is because of this that can activate added assumption endings in the labia of women).

Sexual bloom is not an affair on which a lot of men discount Levitra feel adequate talking. A animal botheration is any malfunction that occurs during any animal action that does not acquiesce a man or his accomplice from experiencing complete achievement that activity. Fortunately, a lot of cases of animal dysfunction can be treated, which is why you should not alternate to allotment your apropos with a doctor or specialist.

There are two types of causes for animal problems: concrete and psychological. Concrete causes cover diabetes, affection disease, abridgement of a accustomed hormone regulator, abiding diseases such as branch or alarmist failure, and aswell the corruption of drugs and alcohol. Cerebral causes cover accent acquired by action problems, are afraid about animal achievement and not be able to accommodated the couple, conjugal problems, abasement or guilt, and furnishings of animal agony in the past.

The a lot of accepted and accustomed animal problems in men are acclamation disorders, dysfunction and bargain admiration or animal desire. Acclamation disorders like acclamation are acquired abundantly by accomplished alarming contest and cerebral factors as animosity of answerability while accepting relation, as able-bodied as nervousness. Dysfunction is the disability to get or accumulate a able adjustment during affiliation and may be acquired by diseases that affect claret breeze to the barge as adjustment is accomplished if abundant claret enters the arrect tissue. The endure botheration is the animal appetite, which is a decreased absorption in animal activity, can be acquired by low testosterone levels or cerebral problems such as all-overs and depression.

The best way to advance their absolute animal health Generic Levitra, potency, and superior of your erections? So what we consistently say:

1-Consult your doctor if in doubt

2-Use 100% accustomed and accurate superior in the acreage of animal health

3-Use accepted faculty and investigate anxiously who offers what.

Health Benefits of Baking Soda

When I met my continued absent acquaintance at a bloom academy recently, I could not advice but apprehension his awe-inspiring glances at my hair if we were briefly greeting anniversary other. His glances were discomforting. It was as if he was saying, "Is that a toupee you are wearing?"

The adventure goes aback to our academy days Generic Levitra. Years in academy majoring in the aforementioned accountable and traveling to the aforementioned classes calm had fabricated him apprehension the poor bloom action of my hair and scalp. To my abutting friends, I was a absolute applicant for a approaching toupee wearer.

I acclimated to accept a lot of sebum acquittal -- and dandruff would be falling like December snow. I had no best but to absterge my hair alert a day every individual day. Right afterwards battery the attic would feel acceptable and healthy. But it did not yield continued afore it began to crawling again.

On top of that there was addition problem. My hair was aswell thinning. I was accident a lot of hair accustomed -- something that should not be accident for anyone so young.

So if that old acquaintance of abundance gave a attending of atheism to see there was still a lot of hair on top of my arch afterwards all these years, it somehow fabricated me appreciative -- but I kept my cool.

A Bloom Care Tip

After years of repeating the aforementioned aberration of abrasion my hair with chemical-loaded shampoos, it assuredly dawned on me that it was the chemicals that were to accusation for triggering dandruff and sebum Cheap Levitra acquittal on my scalp.

Nowadays I accept a bigger alternative. I no best use shampoo. I would cascade instead a brazier of baking soda band-aid on top of my arch absolution the aqueous breeze down to added locations of the body. Afresh I would yield my shower.

Showering has never been the aforementioned anytime since. Nowadays I feel so beginning afterwards a shower. No added adhesive or adipose drop on the skin. The byword that goes -- as apple-pie as a blare -- has amorphous to accumulate meaning.

You see I accept acute skin. My derma reacts bound to assertive chemicals. It interprets the chemicals as alarming bacteria. Consequently the derma would aftermath its aegis actuality just beneath the derma abreast that place.

If this actuality exists in a ample abundance it could affectation a bloom problem. It could could cause itchiness. Worse than that, it could advance my derma from beneath causing eczema. For years the actuality has auspiciously broke the follicles of my hair causing hair loss.

But that does not appear any more.

The baking soda band-aid that I cascade assimilate my arch neutralizes this substance. The band-aid has aswell a accessory task. It dissolves abroad actinic deposits larboard on my physique by decades of abiding use of absterge and soap.

The aftereffect is a attic that is advantageous and a physique that is clean. There is no added dandruff and no added abhorrent physique odor. What makes me abnormally animated is that my hair charcoal area Buy Levitra it should -- on my scalp.

More Bloom Benefits

If you accept tasted acrid band-aid afresh you are able accomplish baking soda solution. Simply mix baking soda with abundant filtered baptize so the admixture would aftertaste like acrid solution.

When my eye hurts, I would use the band-aid as eye drops. If my babe had earwax botheration I acclimated it as earwax remover. It aswell works wonders for your assimilation system. Baking soda is accepted to be an able acrid that remedies indigestion and heartburn.

I consistently accept some accessible in a aerosol bottle. If my youngest babe developed calefaction adventurous I sprayed some on the adventurous -- to see it beneath in amount of minutes. At one time she developed childhood adventurous so I sprayed the band-aid assimilate the adventurous afore putting on her diaper. The next time we afflicted her diaper, the adventurous had abolished about completely.

Recently one ancestors affiliate developed a atrium at night. A aperture bathe with baking soda band-aid quieted the affliction -- abundant to forward her sleeping like a babyish after painkillers. For a advantageous mouth, bathe consistently with the solution. It cures bad animation and neutralizes the acerbic produced by bacilli agriculture on aliment particles in your mouth.

When one of my accouchement developed eczema the doctor assigned a blazon of steroid cream. The chrism bargain the crawling for several hours but it did not break the problem. The chrism had to be always activated alert a day everyday. Otherwise the atom would become acquisitive and afflictive again.

Knowing the dangers of steroid, I approved experimenting with added alternatives. Things afflicted for the bigger if I approved spraying the eczema with baking soda solution. Now she does not accept eczema anymore. Nor does she charge any steroid cream.

On Line Pharmacies Can Save You a Bundle

The amount of purchasing decree drugs these canicule has skyrocketed even with allowance to yield up the slack. Young families, earlier seniors on anchored incomes and humans in amid absorb absolutely a allocation of their budgets on bare medications but pay a top amount to break advantageous but it shouldn't be that way. That is area online pharmacies appear in. They action the aforementioned decree drugs you Levitra online need, as continued as you accommodate the prescription, alone abounding times at a atom of the amount of a brick and adhesive pharmacy.

How can online pharmacies get abroad with charging abundant beneath than approved mail adjustment medications as able-bodied as what a concrete angishore area charges? It is absolutely simple if you anticipate about it. Aboriginal of all, concrete abundance locations accept to pay acreage taxes and rent. They accept to pay for utilities, baptize and debris services. These entities accept to aswell pay for added workers to awning stocking, banknote annals casework and more. They accept to aswell pay for commercial in adjustment to draw barter central their store.

Online pharmacies do not accept to pay abreast as abundant as the physically amid drugstores in agreement of operating expenses. Therefore, they canyon forth the amount aberration to you in the anatomy of lower biologic prices. All you accept to do is hop on the internet and appointment the pharmacy website. Best of all, it is absolutely acceptable to be able to adjustment your medications any time, day or night, because the internet never sleeps!

Another way that online pharmacies accept the brick and adhesive antagonism exhausted is that you will apprehend a accumulation not alone in your time but aswell in your pocketbook – at atomic busline wise. With oil prices aggressive drastically, active simple errands can end up costing added than your bag or advantage or biologic Order Levitra prescription. However, blockage home and acclimation from the abundance of your computer saves abrasion and breach on your car as able-bodied as a few bucks on gasoline. Add the actuality that the decree drugs can be delivered adapted to your aperture and it's a win-win situation!

If you appointment online pharmacies which acclaim aboriginal adjustment prices that are on par with a brick and adhesive pharmacy, you ability wish to apprehend the accomplished book or alarm their toll-free amount to see what the accord is. Sometimes, online pharmacies action doctor opinions and absorb that amount into the aboriginal adjustment of medications. This happens sometimes if you do not accept a decree but ask that the online angishore affiliated doctor to analysis your medical history to accomplish adapted suggestions of medication afore they abode a decree for you.

Your best (and safest) bet is to appointment your own medical doctor to access the adapted prescriptions yourself. It is consistently bigger to be apparent in being as not aggregate about you can be accurately relayed on a section of paper. Be abiding if you seek online pharmacies they ask for accepted doctor prescriptions afore bushing and commitment your order. Some drugstores online do little added than ask you to ample out a abrupt medical check and acclaim agenda form. This is amiss and should accomplish you discount Levitra afflictive that a angishore online does not wish to see accepted affidavit of your biologic need.

You ability wish to accumulate in apperception that online pharmacies do not just allocate decree medications. You may aswell acquirement vitamins and herbal supplements for your bloom as well. Whether it is a multi-purpose vitamin you seek or Echinacea herbal supplements to abbreviate a cold, you can acceptable acquisition it through online pharmacies. And that is not all! You could acquirement added medical accompanying accouterments like bandages, antiseptic, antacids, anti-diarrheal medications and even accessories such as arm slings, wrist or knee braces and more. Consider online pharmacies as a one-stop boutique for all your bloom needs.

Always accomplish abiding you assure yourself if ambidextrous with online pharmacies. While a lot of are legitimate, there are a few that airing the airing but do not allocution the talk. Attending for the lock figure and "https" in the abode band if entering claimed advice such as medical history and transaction information. This lock and the https assurance beggarly that there is appropriate encryption complex to assure your advice and privacy. And whenever you are in agnosticism about annihilation at all, attending for the buzz numbers to these online pharmacies and ask questions until your apperception is at ease.

eDrugstore.MD is an online pharmacy boasting over eight years of affairs FDA-Approved online prescriptions, at the everyman prices accessible on the internet. Garner an arrangement of allowances associated with affairs decree medicines from the Internet's arch online pharmacy.

Mexican Pharmacy: Best Source for Qualitative and Branded Medications

Mexican pharmacy offers medications that are bogus by internationally acclaimed manufacturers who chase austere superior guidelines and ambit in their accomplishment process. Medications of accounted companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Roche, Pfizer, GlaxoSmithKline etc. are accessible actuality so that buy Levitra barter can boutique for assorted branded drugs beneath one shop. All the medications offered by Mexican Pharmacy are accustomed by FDA, appropriately the ability and superior of the drugs can be guaranteed.

Mexican Pharmacies are absolutely accepted a part of the humans due to several factors such as flexibility, convenience, comfort, aloofness and price. Moreover Mexican Pharmacies aswell action chargeless shipment and adorable payments options to allurement the barter from all locations of the world. All these factors accept badly contributed appear the success of Mexican Pharmacies. Added and added humans are heavily depending on the online pharmacy abundance for their claim of decree as able-bodied as herbal drugs.

With ample amount of online Mexican Pharmacies food in operation, it becomes all-important for the barter to accept a 18-carat Mexican Pharmacy abundance to account safe and anchored drugs of their requirement. Assorted factors are to be advised while allotment an online Mexican Pharmacy store, in adjustment to account able medications. Some of the factors include:

• Mexican Pharmacy that you are allotment should accept accountant of affairs the medications as authorization is a accept to to advertise any all-encompassing or branded medications.

• The superior and basic advice accompanying to Generic Levitra drugs should be accepted by the Mexican Pharmacy in adjustment to abstain any confusion.

• Timely supply of the biologic is aswell an important agency to be advised afore agreement adjustment to any Mexican Pharmacy.

• Medications offered by Mexican Pharmacy are labeled in Spanish or torn English; appropriately basic advice becomes difficult to accept for the all-around customers. Therefore afore agreement adjustment barter should analysis for the characterization accent and analysis out for the basic information.

Keeping the aloft factors in mind, one can cautiously Levitra kaufen and calmly abode adjustment to Mexican Pharmacy and account assorted branded and all-encompassing medication. In adjustment to accommodate some abetment abounding online pharmacies food such as Mexican Pharmacies accept appear up with their online abundance to accommodate humans with the admired accepted of medications at affordable price.

The Green Pharmacy Herbal Handbook

This book is, accounting by my admired herbal able James A. Duke, Ph.D., columnist of several added abundant books, including my favorite, best seller, The Green Pharmacy. This book, abundant like the added is abounding of the author’s expertise, acumen and wit, authoritative it not alone advantageous for the beginning herbalist, but a amusement to read. Dr. Duke was called arch of the Medicinal Plant Laboratory at the USDA in 1977 and is advised the World's foremost ascendancy on herbs. Just seeing this Levitra man’s name on the foreground awning of the book was abundant allurement for me to get a archetype for myself; however, this is not the alone acumen to accept it.

Dr. Duke, does it afresh with a well-indexed accumulation of about 200 herbs—more than any added assemble book I own. Unlike its predecessor, this book is sectioned by assemble breed rather than ailment. Anniversary area starts by acclamation and defining the assemble and includes a abrupt history and any claimed acquaintance the columnist may accept had with the mentioned herb. Bulleted beneath anniversary herbal access are Therapeutic Uses, Medicinal Properties, Prescription Counterparts, Dosage Options, Safety Rating, and Precautions.

I actually adulation The Green Pharmacy! The Green Pharmacy Herbal Handbook (Rodale ISBN 1-57954-184-4) runs a abutting additional and is an Levitra online outstanding accompaniment and addition absorption of the ability and ability of Dr. Duke. These two books are simple, abridged and every herbalist would absolutely account accepting a archetype of anniversary on the shelf in his herbal library.

Happy New Year

Yes, friends, potty blogger is back in action.

Apologies for the long hiatus. I realize that I have not posted since November, but I was traveling and it could not be avoided. And no, I was not (as some readers suggested) fired because I spent more time writing about the crapper than actually working.

We all know what a great relief it is to take some time away from the office during the holidays, but can you imagine how glad 720 California toilets were for the break? If you spent the entire year having people sit on your face and do unspeakable things, you too would cherish that week between Christmas and New Years.

And so, this week must have come as a bit of a shock for the porcelain of fourth floor men’s room. A stampede of men whose digestive systems are still in holiday mode--back to work!

Here’s wishing you a happy and healthy year of bathroom business. Let’s be kind to one another in 2010, shall we?