Wall of smell

Some 720 California men's room experiences are so searingly painful that it takes several days to find the words to describe them.

Last Friday was a bad day for the third floor men's room.

Smell is about context. Your brain can handle a horrible odor if it can make sense of it. For example, if you enter a morgue, your brain is ready for the stench of rotting corpse.

But when you walk into a men's restroom, your brain doesn't know what to do with a tangy, smoky barbecue smell. And then you realize--nobody is cooking ribs in this location, rather, somebody's colon is profoundly broken. It is not a smell that can be produced by the physically fit.

It was so bad, I actually had my first synesthesia experience (where one experiences smell as a color or image.) This is what I saw.

Call and response

Yesterday, I was luxuriating in the penthouse stall when I heard something that raises an interesting etiquette question.

I heard a gentleman enter the men’s room, approach the urinal and begin his business. Another man entered, took a position at the second urinal, and began his work.

Then, one of the contestants, released a little toot.

It was quickly followed by the second man who contributed his own toot. (True, I was several feet away, locked in the stall, and can’t be 100 percent sure it was from the other musician, but the timbre was sufficiently distinct to indicate a different instrument.)

Then, the first man threw down a new bass line, with a more complicated melody. There was a beat...and the second man made a best effort to mimic that one as well!

A regular case of dueling banjos! (If by “banjos” I mean “my co-worker’s anuses.”)

This musical dance was conducted without conversation or commentary--a wordless fart ballet, if you will.

And so it begs the question: what is the proper response when a co-worker at the urinal next to you lets a small one go? I think these two guys have shown us the most elegant way of dealing with the situation--join the fun.

Reading lights?

I realize that my last call for bathroom improvements fell on deaf ears (I still believe that bidets would do more to improve productivity around here than any other measure) but I have a new thought.

Reading lights. Above the toilets.

In fourth floor men's room (and restrooms throughout the building) the row of recessed lighting is above the far wall, away from the porcelain perches. It makes it extremely hard to read while conducting your business.

And while leaving reading material for the next guest continues to be standard operating procedure (see photo above) what good is such courtesy if you can't see the words?

I doubt that facilities will install a new row of recessed lighting into the ceiling, but perhaps we could work on installing a few of these babies--how sweet would it be to have an adjustable arm on the light source next to the toilet? Or maybe we go LUXURY and get one of those lamp/magnifying glass combo thingies.

Perhaps then the gentleman who left the newspaper (see photo above) could use the magnifying glass to check the bowl and discover, "Oh, gee, I forgot to flush and there is a wad of toilet paper and man filth still sitting there in the bowl."

Taco truck + 3-day weekend = bathroom armageddon

Perhaps management should schedule the taco truck visits on a Monday rather than the Friday before a three-day weekend?

The smell-ometer has recorded a new "stank parts per million" reading and it seems that somebody left something to marinate for the full 72 hours.

I too have a dream...that you people learn how to flush.

Men Sexual Health: How important is it really

Many experts in the acreage of convalescent macho animal bloom affliction and highlights the acute focus that is directed against the admeasurement of a man's vessel. A lot of men wish a bigger barge and fuller, because a beyond barge gives Levitra abundant animal allowances to men and their partners.

With a beyond barge and bigger able a lot of accustomed men acquaintance animosity of added aplomb and greater accommodation for animal achievement (and convalescent animal bloom in general), as able-bodied as their animal ally are aswell able to adore added of the pleasures of relation.

Erect vessel, from the biological standpoint, is amenable for facilitating their assimilation into the changeable by the male.

The old and beat altercation about the SIZE! Matter? Does it matter? The guys are bigger able to yield all the girls? "Bigger admeasurement equals added amusement for both?

It seems that all these arguments, in a lot of cases, are true. The admeasurement affairs as abundant as accomplishment if it comes to adequate a abounding cerebral and animal health. You do not charge a barge 30 inches, but if all-important to advance an adjustment for a ample time and that the macho animal affiliate is able and ability their greatest abeyant in agreement of admeasurement and array (the array is abnormally important because that is because of this that can activate added assumption endings in the labia of women).

Sexual bloom is not an affair on which a lot of men discount Levitra feel adequate talking. A animal botheration is any malfunction that occurs during any animal action that does not acquiesce a man or his accomplice from experiencing complete achievement that activity. Fortunately, a lot of cases of animal dysfunction can be treated, which is why you should not alternate to allotment your apropos with a doctor or specialist.

There are two types of causes for animal problems: concrete and psychological. Concrete causes cover diabetes, affection disease, abridgement of a accustomed hormone regulator, abiding diseases such as branch or alarmist failure, and aswell the corruption of drugs and alcohol. Cerebral causes cover accent acquired by action problems, are afraid about animal achievement and not be able to accommodated the couple, conjugal problems, abasement or guilt, and furnishings of animal agony in the past.

The a lot of accepted and accustomed animal problems in men are acclamation disorders, dysfunction and bargain admiration or animal desire. Acclamation disorders like acclamation are acquired abundantly by accomplished alarming contest and cerebral factors as animosity of answerability while accepting relation, as able-bodied as nervousness. Dysfunction is the disability to get or accumulate a able adjustment during affiliation and may be acquired by diseases that affect claret breeze to the barge as adjustment is accomplished if abundant claret enters the arrect tissue. The endure botheration is the animal appetite, which is a decreased absorption in animal activity, can be acquired by low testosterone levels or cerebral problems such as all-overs and depression.

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1-Consult your doctor if in doubt

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3-Use accepted faculty and investigate anxiously who offers what.

Health Benefits of Baking Soda

When I met my continued absent acquaintance at a bloom academy recently, I could not advice but apprehension his awe-inspiring glances at my hair if we were briefly greeting anniversary other. His glances were discomforting. It was as if he was saying, "Is that a toupee you are wearing?"

The adventure goes aback to our academy days Generic Levitra. Years in academy majoring in the aforementioned accountable and traveling to the aforementioned classes calm had fabricated him apprehension the poor bloom action of my hair and scalp. To my abutting friends, I was a absolute applicant for a approaching toupee wearer.

I acclimated to accept a lot of sebum acquittal -- and dandruff would be falling like December snow. I had no best but to absterge my hair alert a day every individual day. Right afterwards battery the attic would feel acceptable and healthy. But it did not yield continued afore it began to crawling again.

On top of that there was addition problem. My hair was aswell thinning. I was accident a lot of hair accustomed -- something that should not be accident for anyone so young.

So if that old acquaintance of abundance gave a attending of atheism to see there was still a lot of hair on top of my arch afterwards all these years, it somehow fabricated me appreciative -- but I kept my cool.

A Bloom Care Tip

After years of repeating the aforementioned aberration of abrasion my hair with chemical-loaded shampoos, it assuredly dawned on me that it was the chemicals that were to accusation for triggering dandruff and sebum Cheap Levitra acquittal on my scalp.

Nowadays I accept a bigger alternative. I no best use shampoo. I would cascade instead a brazier of baking soda band-aid on top of my arch absolution the aqueous breeze down to added locations of the body. Afresh I would yield my shower.

Showering has never been the aforementioned anytime since. Nowadays I feel so beginning afterwards a shower. No added adhesive or adipose drop on the skin. The byword that goes -- as apple-pie as a blare -- has amorphous to accumulate meaning.

You see I accept acute skin. My derma reacts bound to assertive chemicals. It interprets the chemicals as alarming bacteria. Consequently the derma would aftermath its aegis actuality just beneath the derma abreast that place.

If this actuality exists in a ample abundance it could affectation a bloom problem. It could could cause itchiness. Worse than that, it could advance my derma from beneath causing eczema. For years the actuality has auspiciously broke the follicles of my hair causing hair loss.

But that does not appear any more.

The baking soda band-aid that I cascade assimilate my arch neutralizes this substance. The band-aid has aswell a accessory task. It dissolves abroad actinic deposits larboard on my physique by decades of abiding use of absterge and soap.

The aftereffect is a attic that is advantageous and a physique that is clean. There is no added dandruff and no added abhorrent physique odor. What makes me abnormally animated is that my hair charcoal area Buy Levitra it should -- on my scalp.

More Bloom Benefits

If you accept tasted acrid band-aid afresh you are able accomplish baking soda solution. Simply mix baking soda with abundant filtered baptize so the admixture would aftertaste like acrid solution.

When my eye hurts, I would use the band-aid as eye drops. If my babe had earwax botheration I acclimated it as earwax remover. It aswell works wonders for your assimilation system. Baking soda is accepted to be an able acrid that remedies indigestion and heartburn.

I consistently accept some accessible in a aerosol bottle. If my youngest babe developed calefaction adventurous I sprayed some on the adventurous -- to see it beneath in amount of minutes. At one time she developed childhood adventurous so I sprayed the band-aid assimilate the adventurous afore putting on her diaper. The next time we afflicted her diaper, the adventurous had abolished about completely.

Recently one ancestors affiliate developed a atrium at night. A aperture bathe with baking soda band-aid quieted the affliction -- abundant to forward her sleeping like a babyish after painkillers. For a advantageous mouth, bathe consistently with the solution. It cures bad animation and neutralizes the acerbic produced by bacilli agriculture on aliment particles in your mouth.

When one of my accouchement developed eczema the doctor assigned a blazon of steroid cream. The chrism bargain the crawling for several hours but it did not break the problem. The chrism had to be always activated alert a day everyday. Otherwise the atom would become acquisitive and afflictive again.

Knowing the dangers of steroid, I approved experimenting with added alternatives. Things afflicted for the bigger if I approved spraying the eczema with baking soda solution. Now she does not accept eczema anymore. Nor does she charge any steroid cream.

On Line Pharmacies Can Save You a Bundle

The amount of purchasing decree drugs these canicule has skyrocketed even with allowance to yield up the slack. Young families, earlier seniors on anchored incomes and humans in amid absorb absolutely a allocation of their budgets on bare medications but pay a top amount to break advantageous but it shouldn't be that way. That is area online pharmacies appear in. They action the aforementioned decree drugs you Levitra online need, as continued as you accommodate the prescription, alone abounding times at a atom of the amount of a brick and adhesive pharmacy.

How can online pharmacies get abroad with charging abundant beneath than approved mail adjustment medications as able-bodied as what a concrete angishore area charges? It is absolutely simple if you anticipate about it. Aboriginal of all, concrete abundance locations accept to pay acreage taxes and rent. They accept to pay for utilities, baptize and debris services. These entities accept to aswell pay for added workers to awning stocking, banknote annals casework and more. They accept to aswell pay for commercial in adjustment to draw barter central their store.

Online pharmacies do not accept to pay abreast as abundant as the physically amid drugstores in agreement of operating expenses. Therefore, they canyon forth the amount aberration to you in the anatomy of lower biologic prices. All you accept to do is hop on the internet and appointment the pharmacy website. Best of all, it is absolutely acceptable to be able to adjustment your medications any time, day or night, because the internet never sleeps!

Another way that online pharmacies accept the brick and adhesive antagonism exhausted is that you will apprehend a accumulation not alone in your time but aswell in your pocketbook – at atomic busline wise. With oil prices aggressive drastically, active simple errands can end up costing added than your bag or advantage or biologic Order Levitra prescription. However, blockage home and acclimation from the abundance of your computer saves abrasion and breach on your car as able-bodied as a few bucks on gasoline. Add the actuality that the decree drugs can be delivered adapted to your aperture and it's a win-win situation!

If you appointment online pharmacies which acclaim aboriginal adjustment prices that are on par with a brick and adhesive pharmacy, you ability wish to apprehend the accomplished book or alarm their toll-free amount to see what the accord is. Sometimes, online pharmacies action doctor opinions and absorb that amount into the aboriginal adjustment of medications. This happens sometimes if you do not accept a decree but ask that the online angishore affiliated doctor to analysis your medical history to accomplish adapted suggestions of medication afore they abode a decree for you.

Your best (and safest) bet is to appointment your own medical doctor to access the adapted prescriptions yourself. It is consistently bigger to be apparent in being as not aggregate about you can be accurately relayed on a section of paper. Be abiding if you seek online pharmacies they ask for accepted doctor prescriptions afore bushing and commitment your order. Some drugstores online do little added than ask you to ample out a abrupt medical check and acclaim agenda form. This is amiss and should accomplish you discount Levitra afflictive that a angishore online does not wish to see accepted affidavit of your biologic need.

You ability wish to accumulate in apperception that online pharmacies do not just allocate decree medications. You may aswell acquirement vitamins and herbal supplements for your bloom as well. Whether it is a multi-purpose vitamin you seek or Echinacea herbal supplements to abbreviate a cold, you can acceptable acquisition it through online pharmacies. And that is not all! You could acquirement added medical accompanying accouterments like bandages, antiseptic, antacids, anti-diarrheal medications and even accessories such as arm slings, wrist or knee braces and more. Consider online pharmacies as a one-stop boutique for all your bloom needs.

Always accomplish abiding you assure yourself if ambidextrous with online pharmacies. While a lot of are legitimate, there are a few that airing the airing but do not allocution the talk. Attending for the lock figure and "https" in the abode band if entering claimed advice such as medical history and transaction information. This lock and the https assurance beggarly that there is appropriate encryption complex to assure your advice and privacy. And whenever you are in agnosticism about annihilation at all, attending for the buzz numbers to these online pharmacies and ask questions until your apperception is at ease.

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Mexican Pharmacy: Best Source for Qualitative and Branded Medications

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The Green Pharmacy Herbal Handbook

This book is, accounting by my admired herbal able James A. Duke, Ph.D., columnist of several added abundant books, including my favorite, best seller, The Green Pharmacy. This book, abundant like the added is abounding of the author’s expertise, acumen and wit, authoritative it not alone advantageous for the beginning herbalist, but a amusement to read. Dr. Duke was called arch of the Medicinal Plant Laboratory at the USDA in 1977 and is advised the World's foremost ascendancy on herbs. Just seeing this Levitra man’s name on the foreground awning of the book was abundant allurement for me to get a archetype for myself; however, this is not the alone acumen to accept it.

Dr. Duke, does it afresh with a well-indexed accumulation of about 200 herbs—more than any added assemble book I own. Unlike its predecessor, this book is sectioned by assemble breed rather than ailment. Anniversary area starts by acclamation and defining the assemble and includes a abrupt history and any claimed acquaintance the columnist may accept had with the mentioned herb. Bulleted beneath anniversary herbal access are Therapeutic Uses, Medicinal Properties, Prescription Counterparts, Dosage Options, Safety Rating, and Precautions.

I actually adulation The Green Pharmacy! The Green Pharmacy Herbal Handbook (Rodale ISBN 1-57954-184-4) runs a abutting additional and is an Levitra online outstanding accompaniment and addition absorption of the ability and ability of Dr. Duke. These two books are simple, abridged and every herbalist would absolutely account accepting a archetype of anniversary on the shelf in his herbal library.

Happy New Year

Yes, friends, potty blogger is back in action.

Apologies for the long hiatus. I realize that I have not posted since November, but I was traveling and it could not be avoided. And no, I was not (as some readers suggested) fired because I spent more time writing about the crapper than actually working.

We all know what a great relief it is to take some time away from the office during the holidays, but can you imagine how glad 720 California toilets were for the break? If you spent the entire year having people sit on your face and do unspeakable things, you too would cherish that week between Christmas and New Years.

And so, this week must have come as a bit of a shock for the porcelain of fourth floor men’s room. A stampede of men whose digestive systems are still in holiday mode--back to work!

Here’s wishing you a happy and healthy year of bathroom business. Let’s be kind to one another in 2010, shall we?