Do I Have Genital Warts STD?

My wife just found out that she has internal genital warts from papillomavirus (HPV). I understand that I too could have the HPV virus, although I do not have any visible genital warts or HPV symptoms. I'm worried she may be playing around.
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Husband's Romantic Love Making Intimacy Issues!

About wife's personal experiences of husband's romantic inability to deal with his can not perform  intimacy problem for making love. Her fear and frustrations of his male performance issues are affecting their relationship. View impotence information video clip, guys news article reports and treatment survey poll .
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Crush Providing Love Making Mental Urges!

Is this love making mental fantasies crush uncontrollable for unwanted consequence?
Will this only lead to a decline in a unhappy partnership and the quality of his marriage.

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Should She Work Harder To Be No.1?

I bought him a realistic blow up doll on the Internet. Since then, he doesn't want to make love with me at all. He treats the doll like a real person, even went to the mall and bought victoria's secret lingerie for it. I tried to get rid of the doll and we had a terrible fight (me and my husband, not the doll).

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