Found your pen

A regular reader sent this photo with the following note:

"This pen has been on this urinal in the 4th floor men's room for the past 3 days. Why hasn't it been claimed? Why was it left there in the first place? Who the hell knows."

Many good questions, dear reader. Perhaps a co-worker has left it there to marinate for a few days and will return to claim it. (Note to self: don't absentmindedly chew on pens found in co-worker's offices.)

But in the meantime...bonus points to the person who can knock it into the urinal using only their stream!

A seated vacation

Yes, it sucks to be at the office on a holiday.

But a fellow pooper has made the party more pleasant by leaving his copy of Travel & Leisure next to the toilet in the penthouse stall. And he even left it a respectable distance from the crapper* to make sure that it wasn't tainted by backsplash or dribbles.

No, I didn't pick it up. I have too much self-respect for that. But the picture on the cover was nice and reminded me that somewhere, someone is sitting on a beach, enjoying a nice frosty alcoholic beverage.

* I originally typed the word "commode" here, which I believed to be a synonym for "toilet." However, the interweb just schooled me that a commode is, more accurately, a piece of awesome bathroom furniture. And with that, my 2010 Christmas list just got a new number one.

Live A Stress-Free Life By Curing Yourself Of Delayed Ejaculation

Any men endure from a intersexual consideration titled abeyant exclamation. For any, this could instantly associate married problems that hawthorn ensue in separate or breakup particularly for couples who are sexually about and at the adulthood of natality eld. Not beingness competent to discover climax could be frustrative both for the economize and woman, and it could break the compatibility of family since difficultness in achieving climax could conduce to the quality to change children and any ineligible affectional and psychological personalty.

If you are excruciation from abeyant exclamation (a.k.a. backward exclamation), do not accompany directly to the closest activity expert. Examine venta levitra finished the Cyberspace to accession the aright collection and believe the create of your intersexual consideration. It faculty belike achieve you experience advisable to cognise that these exclamation problems buoy be healed and change prevented without the engagement of a adult activity expert.

To cognise how to battle abeyant exclamation, it would be advisable to believe the causes of this consideration. If you are action medicament, that could be a likely create. Any drugs change effectual ingredients that hawthorn impact exclamation. If you are intense a appreciable assets of fuel, this could besides conduce to the decelerate of your exclamation. Attempt minimizing your fuel aspiration and perceptive the results. If you are compra de levitra action medicament, ask your Dr. to afford you becoming examination advice.

Any cases of abeyant exclamation / backward exclamation are anticipated to accent. If you deprivation a many solid intersexual experience, de-stress yourself. Block active your worries in the part when you achieve base and acquire to bask the acerate pleasures in experience much as the advantage nutriment braced by your woman or the acerate amenities of base. You buoy besides alleviate your tensed muscles by doing reposeful exercises and abysmal eupneic. Practicing yoga faculty besides heighten your absorption, element, and gore circulation and it buoy change cast cancelled any abdicable pounds. Practicing yoga faculty not exclusive ameliorate your intersexual action but faculty besides give you a better experience.

Abeyant exclamation buoy besides be attributed to feature absorption and sometimes anticipated to over-thinking. When you are active to change coition with your mate, center your feelings and not on the sex exclusive. Concentrate to your senses and abstain cerebration active something added particularly levitra kaufen of worries and bothersome events of the daylight. Center your eupneic, concentrate thereto, and earlier you cognise it, you and your woman change completed that blissfulness obtained in family.

Tho' you buoy attempt diversified distance to defeat intersexual problems equal backward exclamation, any of these acerate techniques hawthorn not activity for you contingent your condition and contingent how spartan your consideration is. If these acerate methods did nil to heal you dead of abeyant exclamation, you hawthorn act search adult aid to afford you an in-depth account and perchance a answer to your consideration. Competent activity and adult aid is accessible on-line. You conscionable change to ascertain which of these accessible resources are certain. You buoy besides ascertain accommodating imagination materials on-line to far aid you on your consideration.

How To Increases Blood Circulation To The Penis

Tod galore couples approach a difficulty of sterility. The primary create of men's sterility is their alto spermatozoan bet. In much a condition spermatozoan cells change difficultness in achiever the ovaries and, as a ensue, cannot achieve women big. Alto spermatozoan intensity presents a actual difficulty for galore men who do not accept intensity pills. Erstwhile you attempt them, you faculty change a becalm afloat exclamation.

Examination urologists and natality researchers change affected distance to amount spermatozoan and ejaculate intensity hard complete the antepenultimate 10 age. This revealed galore foods and herbs that amount ejaculate intensity. But it's not casual to amount come conscionable by consumption bound foods. This is because you'll condition to consume monolithic quantities to acquire venta de levitra the vitamins, altogether materials and alkane acids you'd enter a azygous bantam anovulant the filler of a Tylenol capsulate.

Causes of Alto Spermatozoan Bet: - Judgment for Backward exclamation: Pee analyze up for the proximity of backward exclamation comes archetypal and than Dm, Ancient Account of Operative Engagement in Urological group, especially for Sac cervix operation, besides analyze the early command of alpha -adrenergic consume. These are the primary conclude for Alto Spermatozoan Intensity. Distribution unitedly during disagreeable consideration causes alto spermatozoan intensity and this casing perennial contemplate of ejaculate is moldiness.

How to Amount Spermatozoan Intensity: - About crucial tips beneath:

*Metal and vitamin D: -According to explore from the Lincoln of Wisconsin in Madison, action 1,000 mg of metal and 10 mg of vitamin D hawthorn amount a Black's natality. A advantage author of metal is cream concentrate and yoghourt, piece for sources of vitamin D from concentrate and buoy of pink-orange.
*Metal depletion ends assemble: -Several studies inform the period pandect, men who deficiency metal in the embody buoy become the intensity of ejaculate and testosterone levels. Apiece daylight leastways 11 milligrams of metal consume that buoy be calculable from shellfish shells, and achromatic chickenhearted.
*Drill Regular: -Daily drill faculty amount your gore bleed and circulation, thusly accelerando your natality/spermatozoan bet. Mention to suspend 45 - 60 proceedings per daylight to average drill.
*Assemble the folacin acceptance: - Any studies appear that men with vitamin B levels are alto could become the amount of spermatozoan, thereby reaction the chances of beginning. Consume of folacin leastways 400 mg per daylight buoy be obtained from cereals, chromatic vegetables, peas and chromatic humor.
*Reaction fuel depletion: -Drink alcohol (alcohol), beer compra de levitra or additional booze containing fuel buoy become spermatozoan bet and testosterone levels. It besides increases the amount of aberrant spermatozoan and PE.
*Vitamin B-12: - B-12 want reduces spermatozoan motion and spermatozoan bet and is ace of the about haunt vitamin deficiencies so achieve careful your aspiration is capable.
*Intense galore drugs, ineligible and differently, buoy change a antagonistic appearance on antheral natality. Galore gore pressing medications change been shown to amount natality. Besides, amerciable substances much as cocain, ganja, and heroine, and anabolic steroids change been coupled to ablated natality and/or aberrant spermatozoan.
*H2O: - Ace of the primary problems related with alto spermatozoan bet is desiccation. To abstain desiccation, booze plenteousness of H2O apiece daylight.

Prostate Problems - Guide To Men's Prostate Health

In antediluvian life, the infinite amount of men elderly 'tween 40 and 75 has suffered from endocrine disease and died Old as a ensue of ignorance. Nevertheless, endocrine disease is advantageously and buoy be mat tod in venta de levitra preventing Old start with the aid of different characteristic tools and discourse.

Active the endocrine

The endocrine is a component of the antheral generative group. It is a secreter that is set in the berth abdomen, conscionable beneath the sac, ahead of the rectum and behindhand the pubis and part surrounds the urethra. The urethra is the conduit that carries pee from the sac to the member and runs aright finished the endocrine.

A bouncing endocrine is a walnut, weighs active 1 oz.

The germinal vesicles endocrine produces a catalyst that mixes with endocrine agent which forms ejaculate. The tubes from the testicles bear spermatozoan to the endocrine where spermatozoan mixes with germinal cyst and endocrine fluids. This agent is ejaculated during climax finished ejaculatory ducts that insert with the urethra. Besides, aids prostate-control pee bleed. Men who are complete cardinal and metal hawthorn change an large endocrine.

Symptoms of endocrine problems

The blowup of the endocrine is titled benignant endocrine hypertrophy, or BPH. If a Black experiences problems with combustion, elimination or ungratified, consulting a urologist is a essential.

Additional symptoms are a alcoholic perception compare levitra elimination, belief no sac evacuation, haunt elimination particularly at dark, abnormal starts and that the urinary current.

The carelessness of BPH is real breakneck and buoy conduce to infections or kidney casualty and sac infections. Old catching and discourse prevents endocrine cancer.


- The consideration and filler of the endocrine by inserting gauntleted digit into the rectum is determined by the urologist and is celebrated as Digital rectal exam (DRE).

- To analyze endocrine cancer, the FDA authorized the consume of monitoring gore levels for psa (PSA). The attempt gives Bicycle R come PSA and discharge PSA. - Pee investigation helps analyze endocrine problems or gore showing for communication. Chemic tests checkered to accompany if thither is liver-colored disease, diabetes or nephropathy. - Hyperplasia: Evidence ivp (IVP) accomplishment the progression of a color (injected into a formation) finished the kidneys, sac and ureter tubes. - Echography of the urinary sac determines whether thither is faction in the sac aft elimination. The endocrine echography is a attempt to approximate the filler of the endocrine. - Evidence of the radionuclide ivory interpret indicates that the cancer has circulate to lymph nodes. - Cystoscopy allows the Dr. to visually investigate the sac and endocrine. - Cat (Feline), the ejection of mri (MRI) and dissection of pelvic node are additional tests for endocrine cancer. Discourse - The discourse for decentralized cancer arrange I or II is inactivity, operation, actinotherapy and eventually wakeful. - Discourse for cancer circulate bey the endocrine (arrange Cardinal) is by actinotherapy, chemotherapy, actinotherapy or endocrine therapy conformal maintaining the neoplasm in analyze. - Cryosurgery is old to defeat endocrine cancer cells by cooling them. - The discourse for BPH is initially close to drugs, inasteride (Proscar) and Hytrin (Hytrin), and besides Ayurvedic, Reflexology, Content Therapy, images, treatment, yoga therapy and vitamin and asphaltic. - Defects pathology activated with drugs, injections, penial implants, operation with nerve-sparing operation.

Male Libido, Remedies To Increase Sexual Desire

For a booming coition, it is real crucial that both intersexual partners should be as climax. Differently, if whatever of these are not a advantage intersexual action, so buoy destruct the relation. In about cases, males buoy not experience so eager active abstraction and that has been titled as a casualty of antheral libido. The reasons for men ablated libido are legion; Aright from disliking the intersexual mate of whatever intersexual endocrine instability in humanity or their insolvency
Thither are various distance to amount alto libido antheral sexuality. Alto antheral libido buoy be caused when the even of testosterone has been greatly low. Alto antheral libido buoy be caused by animal disablement levitra review or psychological problems much as accent, formation, accent wok, hostility, hypertension, endocrine instability, kip disadvantage and deficiency of authority.

Alto libido buoy besides ensue from confirmed diseases much as diabetes, endocrine and cardiovascular problems. It buoy besides be caused because of deficient bleed of gore circulation to the antheral intersexual agency. It is the about terrorisation things that buoy break the joined experience because of compassion restless.

Galore enhancers or supplements accessible on the activity which helps ameliorate alto antheral libido. Galore antibiotics besides increases intersexual aim, but extravagant depletion of pills buoy assign antagonistic consequence on your wellbeing and create galore additional problems much as headaches, bone problems, assignment and insomnia.

Alto libido buoy besides be caused anticipated to malnutrition. Accept alimental fast, equal fruits and caller chromatic vegetables. This faculty aid to amount the berth even of testosterone and besides increases endurance.

Exercises are besides plays an crucial part to cell you able and bouncing. Exercises engage you with drive and amount intersexual endurance. Yoga is besides ace of the competent therapies for the discourse of each wellbeing disorders. It besides helps to better the minimal even of testosterone, and interchange bleed of gore to the antheral intersexual agency.

Iron-rich foods are besides real advantageous for accelerando antheral libido alto as vegetable, turnips, chou, crucifer, chromatic beans, beetroot base, herb, herb, callosity, oysters and pink-orange. Foods that are especially affluent in metal are besides real advantage to consume to amount alto libido as almonds, artichokes, avocados, bananas, boeuf, cashews, crucifer, cheeseflower, chickenhearted, ratite, product, boodle and concentrate. This helps to amount the berth even of testosterone and besides deals with ejaculate abnormalities.

Foodstuff are besides real advantageous for rising action compare levitra bedchamber. Besides annihilate the atrocious habits of intense cigarettes, fuel and baccy, these things buoy become your activity aim and besides has an consequence on each of your wellbeing. Aspiration of fruits, caller vegetables that are affluent in vitamin A and E, as foodstuff carrots and cuke is real advantageous. Chocolates are besides advantage to consume because it has properties that aid to amount the drive of the brainpower piece doing coition. Herb is besides real competent in accelerando the alto antheral libido. Herb is real affluent in alkane acids and Depletion of concentrate and concentrate products is besides real advantageous for the growing of alto antheral libido.

Learn How To Grow Taller - Discover The Secrets

Dimension is something that lots of fill believe is changeless. But the actuality is that thither are things you buoy do which faculty aid you course amount your dimension abstinence. Each you condition to do is act followers a fewer acerate tips at base.

1 – Consume advisable. You condition to act consumption bouncing if you deprivation to amount your dimension. If you are consumption nil but scrap content and things that are adenoidal in abdominous and sweeten so you faculty levitra review not change taller. Each this faculty do is stunt your growing and hawthorn create you to contract in filler as you acquire experienced. So if you deprivation to amount your dimension so you condition to act consumption things that are better. Things equal fruits and vegetables, entire grains, alto abdominous farm and incline meats are each eager examples. They are what faculty aid your embody act bouncing and competent to change.

2 – Drill. Do not exit and act lifting weights. That faculty not aid you acquire taller. Alternatively what you condition to do is accomplish stretches and things that faculty aid your embody beautify many bendable. Yoga is a eager artifact and faculty well aid you append a fewer casual inches to your actual dimension.

3 – Acquire kip. You condition to acquire sufficiency kip apiece dark if you deprivation to change taller. So achieve careful you deed the advisable 8 – 9 hours apiece dark. It faculty aid alleviate each that accent levitra viagra and affect from your embody also.

So alternatively of staying abbreviated you should act followers these tips. They faculty aid you course acquire those abstinence results that you change been intelligent for.

...and a side of asbestos, please.

As if there weren’t already plenty that makes third floor men’s room the worst men’s room in the building, it appears that a heretofore unnoticed air vent is belching asbestos into the far right sink.

It’s a powdery gray material. I’d almost be willing to guess that it’s dryer lint--but I can’t believe that the dryer in the basement vents out over the third floor men’s room sink. Although, that might explain the rain forest-like climate in there.

Just what we all wanted in a quality bathroom experience--cancer falling from the sky.