"What do you recommend we do over the weekend?"

That was the question posed to me this morning by one of my fitness boot camp students. Below is the email I sent to the entire class in response to that very question. Let me know what you think!

Ahhh, the weekend.

At the end of this morning's workout I was asked a terrific question: "What do you recommend we do over the weekend?"

The answer is complex, to be sure, as there are a plethora of factors to be considered. But here is some general guidance to get you through the weekend.


I recommend light cardio (i.e. 20-30 min jog) on Saturday, or partake in an activity which you enjoy. Maybe that means you organize a kickball game, or go for a bike ride. Ultimate frisbee with friends is a good time. Maybe flag football is your gig, a round of golf, or a pick-up game of half-pitch soccer. I like to surf Saturday mornings -- a great shoulder workout.

Whatever that looks like for you, just make sure you get out and do something on Saturday. This is a nice way to cap all the work you put in Mon-Fri.

Sunday is your recovery day. Go to church. Go to the beach. Relax by the pool. Do all of the above! But make sure you allow your body a day to recover.


We're all guilty of sleeping in. But getting no more than 8 hours of sleep will actually leave you more energized throughout the day. No matter what time you get to bed on Friday, set your alarm for + 8 hours.

Surfing and church get me up in the morning on weekends. Find what helps you get up, and make a habit of it.


Too often we use weekends to throw all good nutritional sense to the wind. *DON'T DO IT* Stick to your nutritional goals -- ESPECIALLY over the weekend. Weekends can really transform the speed of your progress -- if you utilize them properly.

I use ABS DIET POWER as a guideline. Remember: eat a lot less a lot more often. Three small meals + three (healthy) snacks per day = the goal.

Oh, and drink plenty of water. Because you know what Monday morning brings...

Enjoy your weekend. See you Monday at 7!

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