Are Aging Men Still Interested In Sex?

Perhaps the findings of a recent study may be surprising to some and yet not shocking at all to others. If you are a male, you may feel relieved by the news or perhaps this just confirms what you have believed all along.

In life's later years, men are still very interested in intimate love making. While many want to block the thought of people their grandparents age being intimate, it is happening - and really, why shouldn't it be? This is exciting news for the aging male population!

While numerous men and women alike may feel uneasy bringing their sexual health up at the physician's office, its one important aspect of a relationship that should not be neglected simply because we grow older.

In fact, it should be discussed more freely between patient and physician. Furthermore, according to the study's findings, many aging men would like to be engaging in sex with their partners even more often. Perhaps with better patient-physician communication, this would be a possibility for a larger percentage of men.

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