Need Greater Response For His Intimate Passions

What's a girl with low sexual desire to do?

I am 27 with an average female libido and my 49 year old husband to be is always ready for intimate love. Don't get me wrong, we have fabulous love making...however if it were up to him we would have it 3+ times a day. I have tried everything to increase my own sexual desire including adult toys, fantasizing, female herbal pills, even a prescription from the doctor. We are to be married in less than 7 months and I am afraid this could be the one thing that splits us up. We are perfect for each other in every other way.
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Is this even safe?

Potty blogger believes that a clean mouth is a healthy mouth. I have a toothbrush in my office and, on occasion, I use it.

But yesterday, when I entered the men’s room on third floor for a quick scrub of the pearly whites, it smelled so bad I was actually concerned about the health risks of opening my mouth.

Is it even safe to brush your teeth in such an environment? Can an odor actually eat away enamel?

To be honest, there are times when I don’t even want to open my pants in here.

The Scoop on Sweating

Runner PicLet me start off getting right to the point; sweating does not equal weight loss! It amazes me that in this day of fast technology and lightening speed access to information, some people are still in the dark when it comes to theories about exercise. I recently saw a guy running up the street (a bit of an incline) at about 1 pm on a hot day. He was in rubber type pants, had multiple sweatshirts on, a hat, a hood, a backpack full of something heavy, and hand weights! I should have stuck around to call the ambulance I am sure he was going to need. Maybe there was a reason for this method of training, though it would take a lot to convince me of it. I bet he is just looking for a ‘get thin quick’ scheme. Sure he lost weight that day. Sure he was sweating a lot. Sure he got a good workout. The problem is that upon drinking water he will gain the weight back. He will likely get injured and therefore not be able to train anymore, or will get burned out because his training is too tough. This will leave him at square one most likely inactive and still out of shape.

Sweat is the body's natural cooling mechanism. More sweat does not equal more calories burned. An out of shape person may sweat when exercising, but scientist have found that a person who is in shape sweats sooner since their body is more efficient at cooling down. A body that is cool has greater ability to do more work, and therefore can exercise longer. Instead of wearing rubber suits, people wanting to lose weight should allow the body to cool itself so that they can exercise for longer periods of time, or they can increase the intensity of their exercise. Working out harder or longer (not working out while getting hotter) will indeed burn calories. The weight loss from water will be quickly replaced when water is consumed or foods are eaten. There is no need, nor scientific reason, to induce extra sweating. I will allow you to make the claim that it detoxifies the skin, but how many people actually wear multiple layers of clothes and workout to simply have better skin?

Excessive sweating without replacing of the fluids and minerals will likely result in cramping, nausea, and can even be life threatening. Frequent exercisers, and most endurance athletes, will notice a change in the saltiness of their sweat. Another adaptive mechanism of the body is to try to keep minerals (sodium, potassium, etc) in the body instead of letting them 'escape' onto the skin. The result is sweat that is less salty, as evident when it gets in your mouth, your eyes, and even the way it dries on your skin/clothes.

There are ultra-marathoners who run from Death Valley to Mt. Whitney Portal. This is from the lowest, hottest place in the US, to the highest place in the contiguous US. The temperature easily spikes above 115 degrees, and the distance is 135 miles. A race like this may require some heat training, but unless you are planning on toeing the line at this race, please stay cool and comfortable. And thanks for not dripping excessively next to me on the elliptical trainer.

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Looking for a newspaper?

Yes, spreading it out so that I can read multiple sections without having to pick it up is a nice touch, but this is still not a library.

Are Year-Round Sports Bad for You?

There seems to be an on-going trend amongst athletes to play their sport year-round. The ever present mantra in the US of "more is better" has not eluded the sports world. In the case of sports, more is leading to injury and burnout. Perhaps it's the appeal of excelling at the next level that drives some to constantly compete. Maybe it's pressure from parents, coaches, or other athletes. The sport culture has become such that if you are not currently involved in the sport than you will get left behind.

Sports activity breaks the body down, overworks certain muscles, and it does not illicit the necessary response from others. Without rest, the body cannot repair itself and therefore overuse injuries become prevalent. Athletes are under the impression that the muscles they use most are the ones they need to strengthen often. Many times the opposite is true. The athletes need to train the muscles they don't use during their sport as well as train the small stabilizers that will improve their ability to perform. What about those muscles used all season? They need to rest! Without lack of activity, the body cannot recuperate. People fail to realize that they need more rest, not more practice, in order to improve their performance. A break from the sport allows the mind to rest which translates into the athlete having a greater desire to participate. This break will give any injuries a chance to heal, and will give the athlete an opportunity to cross train.

The highest levels of competitive athletes (professional, Olympians, etc) take time off their sport, they cross train, and even take time off from all activity. How is it that athletes strive to be their best yet fail to train like those who are the top of their game? Athletes often mimic their heroes’ supplements, foods, shoes, and equipment yet they do not follow similar exercise plans. Elite level athletes have clearly defined seasons including an off-season, a pre-season, in-season, and off season. Their training changes to accommodate varying physiological and psychological changes. No high caliber athlete is playing their sport at 100% for 100% of the time.

In the off season, athletes typically rest. They may do some cross training or participate in activities that do not directly resemble their sport. Pre-season is a time to work on muscle imbalances, begin injury pre-habilitation, and start a conditioning program. It is only at the end of the pre-season that sports skills are implemented. In season is where the main focus is the sport and the goal is to peak at the necessary time. Even during this time, the athletes take breaks (not go to practice or weekend tournaments). Post season can mean championships, or simply the winding down of the season. This is a good time to address and rehabilitate any injuries resulting from the season.

Following the above progression will allow the athlete to perform at their best for many years. They will avoid mental burnout and physical ailments. To become elite or lengthen your career, you must make sure to take breaks from training throughout the year.

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The case for a bidet

We need a bidet in this building.

My suggestion? Let’s remove the toilet from the Peter Brady stall on four and put a bidet in there.

There are already 20 men’s room stalls in the building. And aside from the infamous “Homemade Chili Day” in 2005, there has never been a time when all 20 have been in use at the same time.

Can we not spare one stall for a premium potty experience? A small luxury to promote derriere health?

And four is the perfect floor for it--the guys whose names are on the building sit on that floor and the men’s room has high-quality, executive washroom feel to it. But it’s accessible to schmos like you and me.

Will a bidet solve all our problems? Of course not. As has been documented on this blog many, many, many times, there are some profoundly broken people in this building. A bidet will not help them. Taking a power sprayer to their undercarriage probably wouldn’t help them.

A bidet is for the rest of us. The common man. The every day dumper who just wants to get clean down there. To feel fresh.

Let us unite in this cause, men. We deserve it.

Yet another reason that second floor is the best men's room in the building

Auto-flush. In every stall. That is luxury, people.

Ladies mark their territory

A female reader sent the following photo. Apparently, this sign is posted in the ladies penthouse stall on E level.

It looks like the ladies of E made wanted to encourage visitors to dump on their own floor. (As we all know, E level is a favorite hit-and-run location.) But some smart gal with a pen is encouraging a protest.

Summer Means Sunscreen

As summer rolls around, many people find themselves enjoying the outdoors. Whether outside intentionally to exercise, garden, enjoy a barbecue, or family gathering, warm temperatures and clear days mean constant sun exposure.

I'm lucky enough to live in one of the sun capitals of the world (Southern California) so having that big ball of fire in the sky is something we take for granted. Anytime the temperature drops below 70 degrees, out comes the wool caps, ski jackets, and snow boots. Trust me, sometimes 68 is cold and the wind chill makes it feel like 65. Besides, they always keep those Starbucks air conditioned! Perhaps just as silly (and definitely more dangerous) than being bundled up on a semi-cold day, are the folks who shed clothes at the first ray of sun and those who yearn for a deep tan but actually end up with a bad burn.

I am outdoors quite a bit and always apply sunblock before leaving the car or leaving my house. I got into this habit after hanging out with a buddy who always did the same. Now that it is second nature, I cannot believe how many people forget, or refuse to apply anything at all. Skin cancer prefers those with fair skin, but it does not discriminate.

Skin is the biggest organ in the body and the shear surface area gives the sun a big target to hit. Skin elasticity is also affected by UV exposure (the sun has UVA and UVB rays) so those who are looking for a nice complexion now, are setting themselves up for prematurely wrinkled skin. Skin damage can be painful, dangerous, and is easy to avoid. Sunblock should be applied frequently (especially after being exposed to water). The amount should be at least enough to fill a shot glass and it should be applied liberally. Do not forget to cover the face, lips, ears, and hands. Nothing can ruin a vacation or outing like getting sick from too much sun exposure. Even tanning beds pose a risk since they still emit UV rays, but I'll save that rant for another time.

Some statistics show that even one bad burn (ie one that blisters) in children can more than double their risk of getting cancer. We should encourage children to wear sunblock and better yet, we should lead by example when going outdoors. Australians remind us to "slip, slap, slop" when going out into the sun. They recommend we slip on protective clothing, we slap on a hat, and we slop on sunblock. Remember that the effects of the sun are also present when the days are cloudy. You should apply sunblock when in the water, in the snow, and in general when spending extended periods outdoors.

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Black (and brown) Tuesday

Something very VERY bad happened in the third floor men’s room yesterday afternoon.

A co-worker came to me with tears in his eyes. Another emailed with the subject line “something died.” A third was so distraught, all he could do was shake his head and point.

Naturally, I had to investigate.

What I found made the Saw movies look like Mary Poppins. It was the bathroom version of torture porn. It made me yearn for the salad days of my E-level discovery.

Within the first two seconds, I realized that if I stayed in there longer than a minute, I was going to throw up.

How to describe the odor? Imagine a corpse, soaked in pickle juice. That corpse is then eaten by a dog who poops it out. That poop is eaten my another dog who then barfs it into a jar of rotten eggs. That jar is then sealed for a thousand years. At the end of that thousand years, the jar is heated up over a methane gas plume. The jar is then opened and the contents are spread on crackers made out of diseased goat pancreas.

It smelled a little like that...only turned up to 11.

Any sane person would have run screaming. But I had to look. I had to see for myself.

What I saw was so foul there is really no way to describe it in a family blog like this. Lets just say that the mystifying splatter pattern that has so thoroughly puzzled me in the past had migrated to the floor and wall. The bowl in the Peter Brady stall was overflowing with filth and, evidence suggested, the contents had made a run for it, hopped to the ground, run up the wall and into the penthouse stall where it proceeded to fill that bowl too.

If you are responsible for any aspect of what took place in third floor men’s room yesterday afternoon GET YOURSELF TO A HOSPITAL. I'm not trying to be funny and I'm not kidding. You are physically and emotionally broken. You need help.

Bikram Yoga: Hate the Sweat

After succumbing to my friend's urging, I joined her for a Bikram yoga class. This is the type of yoga that is held in a heated room and is by no means calm and relaxing. I don't remember being challenged is this fashion while sweating so much! In comparison to other forms of yoga, Bikram is relatively new and has gained a lot of popularity due to the 'promotion' of the art by many celebrities. The emphasis is on being physically demanding with the additional cleansing and challenging aspect of being in a heated (90-105 F degree) room. Throughout the 45-90 minute class, students are taken through 26 poses that the founder created.

Let's look at some other popular forms of yoga. Since the art has been around for thousands of years and has been influenced by every culture, it is hard to find exact facts without coming across some contradiction. Here are forms that are quite popular and interesting.

Hatha yoga is the name given to perhaps the most practiced kind of yoga. Critics argue that what is taught is a combination of many forms of yoga, but the idea behind hatha yoga is to enhance the relationship between mind, body, and spirit. Through various poses, the practitioner develops awareness of their body, concentrates on their breathing, builds strength, and increases their flexibility. Traditionally the practice of hatha yoga includes exercises for staying on a moral path of living, for breathing, for meditation, and for the body. It is this last component of postures, or asanas, that compromise most yoga classes. Depending on the asanas chosen, the class may be calm, relaxing, and leave the practitioner feeling stretched, or it may be more rapid, challenging, and leave the practitioner feeling like they have worked out.

Many health clubs and yoga studios offer power yoga classes in which the intent is to move quickly, and rest very little in between poses. The practitioner will usually feel the routines to be cardiovascularly challenging as well as taxing to their muscular system. A lot of athletes use power yoga in order to strengthen parts of their body that they do not normally target. Typically, power yoga has little concern for meditation, relaxing poses, or making a mind-body connection. Power yoga is without a doubt, vigorous and challenging.

Integral yoga is the name that has been given by some to a practice that tries to incorporate many aspects of yoga under one. As expected, asanas are included as is the practice of meditation and concentration. In an effort to further tune in to on-self, Integral yoga uses chanting or the repetition of mantras (ie saying "om"). The last three components of Integral yoga include building on one's karma by way of performing works without focusing on the return gestures, and Bahkti which uses a deity or leader as a role model in order to attain a higher spiritual status for oneself. Last, there is the practice of Jnana yoga which requires the person to use their intellect and insight (gained from all of the aforementioned) to be realized into freedom.

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