When Sex Hurts For Men

Everybody knows that having radical prostatectomy for prostate cancer can interfere with sex by causing erectile dysfunction. But is it possible that having the same kind of surgery as a treatment for chronic prostatitis can actually improve sex?

Chronic prostatitis is a common and potentially debilitating illness that can cause urinary symptoms, fatigue, pain, and sexual dysfunction. One of its possible effects is to cause pain on orgasm. In fact, a recent study showed that pain on ejaculation is much more common in men with this condition than trouble with erections.

Consequently, men with chronic prostatitis often avoid sex altogether, which aggravates their relationships and can lead to social isolation and even divorce.

Prostatectomy is a new strategy in the treatment of chronic prostatitis and it is reserved for research trials and only the most severe, treatment-resistant cases. And while experience with prostate cancer patients shows that their sex lives only get worse with surgery, the opposite is happening with prostatitis patients: They have reported that their sex lives have actually gotten better because their pain is gone.

To learn more about prostatitis surgery, visit the Prostatitis Surgery site, where you can see videos and read stories of men who have had the operation.

By Guest Contributer: Arnon Krongrad, MD specializes in laparoscopic radical prostatectomy for the treatment of prostate cancer and severe, treatment-resistant chronic prostatitis. He publishes a Prostatitis Blog.

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