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Well, I am back from my short-lived "technology break" and I have to say I missed communicating with all of my dedicated friends/readers.

One of the biggest things on everyone's mind this week is the Swine Flu outbreak that has spread across our country and many parts of the world. Many people are wondering how much of the information we hear is true and how much is simply media hype. The fact is that the Swine Flu has reached the United States and there are simple things we can all do to avoid becoming a victim.

I found some great information on how you can stay healthy through this outbreak and any others that might follow

Preparing Yourself For Swine Flu: What To Do Now

The recent trend of events suggests that time and luck may be running out. It would be prudent, then, to assume that a pandemic is on its way. If it doesn’t materialize over the next few weeks, we will be better educated and prepared when the next one does.

Our country has proven capable of preparing for the unthinkable. Nothing has been spared in the fight against terrorism. And while the pandemic will not be intentional, no one could imagine a worse form of biological terror.

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