This is not a gift

Men, let's review what I like to call "the spectrum of generosity."

At one of the spectrum--leaving a magazine in the stall (a respectful distance from the bowl, of course.) This can be a delightful surprise for the next visitor.

At the other end of the spectrum--leaving any sort of human remnant in the bowl. This is never a delightful surprise for the next visitor.

Also toward the "unwanted" end of the spectrum--a warm, used toilet seat cover. (See above photo.) Yes, the bowl was clear and I thank you for that. But if you were conscientious enough to discard your human waste with a flush, would it have killed you to make sure that seat cover also made the trip?

Instead, upon entering the penthouse stall, I was treated to a perfectly preserved relief of your ass cheeks. And, since your initial flush had ripped of the seat cover's paper (also known as "the dangly") there was no anchor to pull the object down with an additional flush.

My only option was to use my hands to dislodge your leftover--an option I soundly rejected and moved on to another stall.

Remember, men. Flush...look...if not ALL clear, flush again. Repeat as necessary.

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