Whatcha doin' in there, bud?

A regular reader sent this photo to potty blogger with the following subject line: "3rd floor men's room. DE-LUX stall, 2:35 p.m. today"

And the message that accompanied the photo: "Victoria's Secret. She's hiding in the toilet seat cover box."

Thanks to the mobile phone force for bringing this to our attention. (We're so grateful for the tip, we'll refrain from asking if it would have killed him to flip off the douchey hipstamatic effect on his phone so we could actually make out the image.)

There's something disturbing (and wonderful) about a co-worker taking what is, essentially, soft-core pornography into the stall with him. Leaving it for the next patron kicks it up a notch. Placing it in the toilet seat cover box takes it to 11.

Thank you, generous sicko. Thank you.

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