Abandoned toothbrush

I can think of few places LESS sanitary to leave your toothbrush than 720 California's third floor men's room. (On its best days, third floor men's room smells like a urine-soaked foot. And that's immediately AFTER it's been cleaned.)

So imagine my surprise when I found a toothbrush sitting on the sink this morning. Ironically, a paper towel was placed underneath as if to protect it from the germs on the counter.

But the owner of the toothbrush was nowhere to be found. All three stalls were empty. It has been abandoned.

I just checked. It's one hour later and the toothbrush is still there. Actually, that gives me hope, because it means that there's at least a chance that the owner will NOT reclaim it and stick it in his mouth.

We've asked the question before whether or not it's even safe to brush your teeth in this environment. But I think we can all agree that it's NOT safe to store your toothbrush here. Nothing that has been exposed to the elements in a public restroom for an extended period of time should ever be put in your mouth.

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