Potty talk goes mainstream

The blog used to be THE forum for discussing bathroom issues at 720 California. But readers have grown frustrated. Try as we might, we have been unable to truly influence a change in potty behavior.

One employee recently took maters into his own hands and sent the following email to the entire agency:

To the 3rd Floor non-flusher(s):

You know, it’s everyday now. Can’t use that last stall because you didn’t flush. That one is not equipped with a motion sensor, so please don’t just walk away.

Just a reminder, whoever you are, the handle on that stall is neatly positioned so that you can just kick it with your foot. No touching! Very good.

Please do all of us the favor.


You have to admire his pluck, but he must know that he is shouting in the wind. The third floor penthouse stall has long been the building's most popular location to commit a terrible crime. (After all, the third floor may house the most unhealthy bunch of people ever assembled.)

Even if the culprit is not a third floor resident, the cry for help is still likely to fall on deaf ears. After all, the community of poopers responsible for this, this and this is certainly not going to be swayed by a simple email.

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