Out of order

The Peter Brady stall on three is out of order, as you can see from the lovely sign posted by a concerned co-worker. (From the looks of it, a copywriter...or the world's worst art director.)

THIS is the kind of fellowship we must applaud! Yes, the sign-maker is likely the culprit who "out of ordered" the stall. But he WAS kind enough to alert you before you stepped inside.

What makes this even more special is that, unless he's one of those I-can't-poop-without-my-red-and-black-pens-and-scotch-tape type of guy, he had to exit the men's room, make his sign and then return to the scene of the crime to post it. THAT'S the kind of concern for one's fellow man that is short supply these days.

And so, we applaud you, sign maker! Yes, your unnatural turd seems to have broken the toilet, but you have made up for it with your friendly gesture.

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