Contrary to what the title of my blog may lead you to believe, my intention is not to mirror the information presented in Men's Health Magazine. I don't work for Men's Health Magazine, and I don't have any vested interest in the magazine's success.

However, I do read the magazine and value highly its content.

That said, I have become a huge believer in the magazine's powerfood acronym: ABS DIET POWER.

If you have yet to hear about this, it's quite brilliant. The system encourages you to focus on a generous market basket of food types -- known as the Abs Diet Power 12 -- to fulfill your core nutritional needs.

A - almonds and other nuts
B - beans and other legumes
S - spinach and other greens (broccoli, cucumbers, celery)

D - dairy (cheese, milk, yogurt)
I - instant oatmeal
E - eggs
T - turkey and other lean meats (chicken, fish, lean steak)

P - peanut butter
O - olive oil
W - whole wheat/grain products
E - extra protein (whey)
R - raspberries and other berries

For maximum health benefits, it is recommended that you include two or three of these foods in each of your three major meals and at least one of them in each of your three snacks. If you're like me and graze all day long, these foods are quite easy to incorporate into your 6-8 meals each day.

The Abs Diet Power website has a pretty cool matrix that explaining the benefits of each of these foods.

For me, I dig the guidelines a system like this provides. Grocery shopping is a lot easier when you've got certain parameters. Not eating like crap at the office is a lot easier when you've got an acronym taped to your desk.

I like to think of my body as a machine, and the ABS DIET POWER system as the process by which I abide to turn on, rev up, and keep the engine running efficiently.

Worth it? I think so.

Your thoughts?

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