N.O. Xplode Pre-Workout Supplement

A few weeks ago I finally caved and purchased a 1.8 lb. tub of N.O. Xplode from my local Vitamin Shoppe. I've heard and read quite a bit about this pre-performance igniter, and decided to check it out for myself.

My first impression? They weren't kidding when they dubbed this supplement a pre-performance igniter.

If you don't already know, N.O. Xplode is a Nitric Oxide supplement (hence "N.O.") that utilizes N.O. Meta-Fusion to open the door to vaso-muscular enlargement. The product claims to do so by immediately ramping up and sustaining Nitric Oxide levels. N.O. widens the blood vessel, which in turn accelerates blood flow to the muscle.

While it's too early to track any physical improvements (I'll post results if/when they emerge), I've certainly enjoyed the significant increase in focus and endurance throughout my workouts. If you're looking for a more explosive workout, this could certainly be the way to achieve it. It has been for me.

I've also taken heed to advice recommending you start with 1/2 scoop, and only increase as your tolerance for the supplement increases. Too many reviews that I have come across describe beginning with two or three scoops, and subsequently finding themselves unable to sleep or, worse, experiencing anxiety attacks.

But don't let that deter you, this is a great product when used properly.

Do your own research, there is a ton of information to find out if it's right for you. Should you decide to begin a N.O. Xplode regimen, my single point of advice is to START SLOW. Begin, as I did, with 1.2 of a scoop 30-60 minutes before your workout.

On a side note, one of the critiques that I came across time and time again is that the only flavor that tastes good is Fruit Punch. Well, I haven't tried Fruit Punch (yet), but the Blue Raspberry tastes just fine -- like a Blue Razzberry Blow Pop, actually.

Tasty and effective. Now that's my kind of supplement.

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