Guy Recipe: Beer-flavored Bratwurst

Last night on my way home from the office, I had an craving for bratwurst.

You know how it goes: You're tired from eating all those chicken breasts, and a hamburger or hot dog just won't do. Not tonight. No. Tonight, is a different kind of night. Tonight, is the perfect night for a brat. But not just any brat, beer-flavored brats.

Yeah, now we're cookin'.

What you need

- Brats
- Beer
- Buns
- Condiments

Complicated, I know.

How it's done

1. Place bratwurst and beer into a pot (you can also add onion that has been cut into chunks for extra flavor). Heat contents to a boil and then let simmer for 30 minutes, turning heat down as needed to keep the beer at a low simmer. Add more beer if necessary to keep brats covered.

*As a side note, I like to score -- as in cut -- the brats ever so slightly for a little extra beer absorption.

2. While the bratwurst are boiling, prepare grill to high heat.

3. Remove bratwurst from pot and place on grill. Discard the pot contents -- yes, the beer. The bratwurst should already be cooked at this point. Brown the bratwurst by cooking for a minute or two on each side and serve in a bun.

That's it, gents.


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