The Men's Health Blog Genesis

Alright. I've been meaning to begin a men's health blog for some time now. So enough with the procrastination, right?

Let's kick this off.

I call myself a health guru, but in full disclosure, I'm just an average male in my late 20s, trying to sift through the boggy mess that is the incredible wealth of information surrounding the issue of men's health.

I live a double life -- one as a corporate marketing professional and small business owner, and another as a Forward Observer, Martial Arts Instructor, and Parachutist in the United States Marine Corps.

I enjoy a wide array of hobbies, not the least of which include: surfing, scuba diving, snowboarding, working out, traveling, shooting, guitar, softball, reading, writing, etc.

Some say I indulge in too many hobbies.

I say, bite it.

I take a practical approach to health, and more often than not reject the extremes. I've long been interested in the various competing theories related to exercise, nutrition, etc. and this blog is intended to facilitate some of the ramblings on these and other topics that have been bouncing around my dome for some time now.

So without further adieu... I'd like to personally welcome you to The Men's Health Blog.

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