Do Push-ups While Your Cohorts Smoke

A few weeks ago a coworker and I began doing a set of push-ups each and every time the office smokers go outside to puff on a cancer stick. Secluding ourselves in a back office, we do a quick stretch and drop simultaneously. We began with sets of 20 and, in a relatively short amount of time, are now currently up to sets of 50 with no end in sight.

If smokers are committed to their habit, why can't we be committed and make a habit out of push-ups?

Of course, the benefits of this routine are plentiful. Not only does this regimen get me out of my chair on a consistent basis, it's much easier to keep a schedule when the intervals are dictated by someone else. Not to mention, doing sets of push-ups throughout the day keeps me energized and more focused on the job.

Couple this with my standard 40-minute workout at the gym for lunch, and my day at the office is more beneficial than ever. Finding time for on-the-job fitness like this is what separates the men from the boys.

What about you? Do you have a similar workout routine at the office? For those of you with desk jobs, what do you do to stay active at work?

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