The Daniel Craig 007 Workout: Day 1

As I eluded to in my post outlining The Daniel Craig 007 Workout, I began the routine this afternoon with my office workout buddy.

Today was the power circuit.

Reps: 10 of each exercise
Sets: 3

- Clean and Press
- Weighted Knee Raise
- Weighted Stepups
- Pull-up
- Incline Pushup
- Triceps Dips

I have to admit, I've neglected by legs for a few weeks now, so the clean presses kicked my @$$. But my shoulders are strong so the finish felt great. The rest of the exercises were pretty standard. The pull-ups will probably kick your @$$ if you haven't been doing them on a consistent basis. So be on the lookout for that. (Luckily, I do pull-ups often to maintain my high Marine Corps PFT score.)

My workout buddy and I kept a rapid pace, so the cardio element was definitely present. I recommend only resting as long as it takes your buddy to do the exercise -- or approximately 30 seconds if you're a loner. We completed the workout in about 30 minutes.

Not a bad little circuit.

Tomorrow... chest and back.

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