The Daniel Craig 007 Workout: Day 4

Yesterday was day four of the Daniel Craig 007 Workout.

Shoulders and Arms
Reps: 10 of each exercise
Sets: 4

- Incline Biceps Curls
- Triceps Dips
- Lateral Raises
- Shoulder Press

Pretty simple day, if you're anything like me and work your arms and shoulders frequently. My legs, however, are definitely paying me back for day three.

I'll be honest, my legs are sore as hell. And doing my second pilates class that same night only exacerbated my painful recovery.

But it's all good. That's why I throw these random celebrity-type workouts into my routine. It's good to force yourself out of your zone every once and awhile. I'm more than reminded of how neglected my legs have been.

As for today... power circuit.

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